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360 ° panoramic skylight ! Ankai double-decker sightseeing bus enters Xiamen, China


Xiamen is a place of comfort for both winter and summer. The mountains and the sea, the gentle sea breeze, the soft sand beach, and the music of Gulangyu Island bring out charming island stories with the tide; the Nanyang style pedestrian street and the noisy seafood night market... Xiamen, a city worth savoring and feeling carefully, has been waiting for you for a long time.

On September 28, a batch of red double-decker sightseeing buses set off from the bus building in turn, becoming a beautiful scenic line of Xiamen with high beauty.

The model is double-deck sightseeing bus with red main body and double-deck closed body. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful Xiamen style with unique height and 360 ° panoramic skylight. The bus is equipped with GPS automatic scenic spot voice introduction, providing explanations in Chinese and English to meet the different needs of Chinese and foreign tourists. Based on the operation mode of "public transport + tourism + culture", it operates 365 days a year. Tourists can get on and off at all stations with tickets within 24 hours. The "seamless transfer" mode is adopted between the lines, which integrates transportation, tourism, leisure, entertainment, shopping and catering.

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