double decker travel bus
Enterprise manufacturing
The scientific production processes guarantee product quality
Ankai boasts modernized production workshops and scientific and reasonable U-shaped production line. The advanced TPS production management system and complete production and inspection equipment are the powerful guarantee for the outstanding quality of Ankai buses.

U-shaped Production Line
  • Delicate painting

  • Exquisite painting

  • Accurate blanking

  • Precise welding

Leading process equipment guarantee product quality
The efficient and technologic production preparations and scientific and precise process criteria realize the strict supervision on the production processes for major parts of the buses and, with double guarantee from outside to inside, guarantee the consistently outstanding quality for every Ankai bus.
100% fl-lmersion electrophoresis process guarantee the adaptability of vehicle paints toward changing climatic environment
Ankai Bus boasts the industrys most advanced vehicle electrophoresis line with highest automation level. The electrophoresis line is arranged in U shape, with standby electrophoresis paint bath. The exposed positive poles arefitted on the bottom of electrophoresis baths to guarantee the uniform paint film between inner and outer walls. Thisprocess covers whole range of Ankai products to remarkably improve the anti-corrosion and anti-rusting capacity ofthe vehicles and guarantee the adaptability of vehicle paints toward changing climaticenvironment.

  • Complete processes:
    manual pre-treatment, high pressure water washing, pretreatment, electrophoresis,baking, and forced cooling.
  • High coverage:
    With maximum sizes of bath body at 15. 2x3.85x5.85m(LxWxH), it can coverwhole range of Ankai 5. 5-13.7m products.
  • High degree of automation:
    Automatic roller machine. combinedconveying mode(skid +double track), andfully automatic electronic program control.
The Complete Inspection Capability Controls Product Quality
The dedicated employee team guarantees the product quality. Ankai boasts a batch of quality assurance personnel with high professional quality and comprehensive professional skill, who utilize the complete inspection and control means and advanced inspection equipment to control the product quality from multi-level perspectives. The advanced German and American inspection equipment, fully digital inspection line, and finished product testing simulation ground strictly control the quality for every delivered bus.
Parts inspection
Vehicle inspection
Simulation ground testing
Service Station
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