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Company History
Company History

Anhui State-Operated Feihe Auto Repair Factory, the predecessor of Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd., was founded.
The HF680 bus chassis and the HF352 7T dump truck were developed successfully.
The China’s first fully-integral large luxury bus was developed successfully, which integrated the star-level facilities including toilet, onboard TV, and telephone into a large luxury bus for the first time, triggering the technologic revolution in China’s bus manufacturing industry and boosting the rapid development in China’s high speed passenger transportation market.
Ankai signed second round of technologic cooperation agreement with German EVOBUS and successfully manufactured S315 luxury bus.
Ankai pure electric bus was chosen as the designated reception vehicle for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games so that Ankai manifested the theme of Green Olympics and Hi-Tech Olympics to the world.
Ankai pure electric luxury buses served Dalian Davos Forum, becoming the China’s first pure electric bus put into long-distance operations.
3,000 Ankai buses worth of individual contract amount of RMB 1 billion were exported to Saudi Arabia, becoming the largest export order in China’s bus industry within the year.

Ankai’s “China’s national electric bus system integration engineering research center” was approved for building by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Ankai Baositong Bus won the first place in the medium-sized bus procurement tender by the General Reserve Department of PLA.

“Ankai Bus” and “JAC Bus” realized integrated operation to basically form a grand layout of “New Ankai”.

Ankai Baositong buses became the special vehicle for China's peacekeeping force in Lebanon.

Ankai buses served the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference (NPC & CPPCC) for 11 years consecutively.

Ankai Bus launched the new “Belt and Road” beacon and successively won bulk orders from Saudi Arabia and Myanmar.

Ankai wins bulk orders from Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan.

Ankai won the "Two Chinese Automobile Industry Science and Technology Awards".
The HF150 truck and AH360 dump truck were developed successfully.
Ankai signed technologic cooperation agreement with German Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke and successfully manufactured S215HD luxury bus, unveiling the China’s manufacturing of fully-integral large luxury buses.
Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd. was founded and was listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 000868).
Ankai successfully completed the side rollover test at Hubei Xiangfan Vehicle Testing and Crash Base, which was the first vehicle side rollover test in China’s bus industry.
Ankai obtained the fully-integral body invention patent.

Ankai’s yearly production and sales volume of buses exceeded 10,000 vehicles for the first time.

30 Ankai pure electric buses were put into operation for Hefei’s No. 18 bus route, becoming the world’s first special pure electric bus route.

Ankai buses were supplied in batch for the first time to the General Reserve Department of PLA.

Ankai double-deck open-top touring buses served London Olympic Games, becoming the first batch of Made-in-China double-deck touring bus in Britain public transit history.

1,100 Ankai buses were exported to Algeria, ranked the largest export order in bus industry in the first half of the year.
Ankai took the lead to release the “e-Control” intelligent management system, leading the all-round entry of China’s new energy buses into intelligent large-screen era.
Ankai Bus celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The world's first pure electric double-decker convertible sightseeing bus developed and manufactured by Ankai was officially put into operation in Paris.

The world's first Ankai unmanned bus operates on open roads for the first time.
Ankai has obtained Saudi Arabia bulk orders for 4 consecutive years.
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