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Sustainable Development to Establish Global Service System
Carrying out the registration of trademarks and products certification continuously, Ankai constantly build global marketing and service system,
and actively inhance after-sales training and the parts network, to provide 
global customers with convenient service and technical support that integrate the sales business, technical consultation, after-service, and parts supply,
Overseas service network has covered many countries and regions.

Cooperating and signing service agreements with global suppliers, whose service networks worldwide will jointly provide service for Ankai vehicles.
  • Cooperate with World Famous Auto Parts Suppliers
    Purchuued Parts
  • BENZ
  • MAN
    ABS Anti-Locked Braking System
    Hydraulic Retarder
  • ZF
    Axle /Suspension/Steering
    Engine & Accessories
  • DANA
  • Arvin Meritor
    Electromagnetic Retarder
  • HINO

  • Perlodic customer visits
    The listening of customers' feedbacks forms a lasting partnership.
  • Professional service team
    A high quality professionalized service team is providing customers with professional services (including repair and parts)at all times.
  • All-round technical support
    The elite technical personnel provide directly the customers with Product training and after-sales instructions.

Electronic overseas service system
Overseas service DMS system0: This system provides global customers with convenient and quick service support such as online report of vehicle running and maintenance, online declaration, spare parts allocation, and online settlement of service costs to improve after-sales service efficiency.
Parts ordering EPC system: This system provides global Ankai products with the query of vehicle parts catalogs, online query and accessory purchase functions, providing customers with a convenient and fast way to purchase accessories.

Standardized overseas training system
In order to better serve Ankai overseas distributors and service centers, Ankai produces detailed training materials. Invite personnel to train at Ankai Company: Each international service center can arrange 1-3 people to receive training at Ankai Company. After the training course, Ankai will be responsible for the assessment of the students in written or practical form. If qualified, Ankai will issue the "Training Certificate". Ankai overseas service engineers go to overseas on-site training: before the vehicle is operated, Ankai will send a training team to provide customers with use and maintenance training on the vehicle, engine, axle, pipeline and vehicle electrical appliances.

Global parts supply system
Ankai has always been committed to providing customers with convenient and fast parts supply. On the one hand, customers order parts online through the EPC system. On the other hand, Ankai has established a three-tier spare parts supply system for the headquarters spare parts center, overseas regional spare parts centers, and distributor destination country spare parts centers. Spare parts supply system can meet customers' spare parts needs in overseas markets. The goal is to enlarge and strengthen the headquarters spare parts center, expand overseas spare parts centers in a timely manner, and jointly optimize dealer spare parts centers to ensure that customers purchase spare parts for the entire life cycle of Ankai products.
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