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New Energy Technology
Ankai New Energy

As one subsidiary company to Anhui Jianghuai Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd., Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd. (Hereafter referred to as Ankai) is a publicly listed company for specialized production of series buses and automotive parts. As one China’s Torch Program Key Hi-Tech Enterprise and one China’s National Innovative Experimental Enterprise, Ankai owns state-level electric bus system integration engineering R&D center and national post-doctoral workstation.

After the completion of the new energy production base with a total investment amount of RMB 670 million and an occupation area of 249,333m2 in 2015, Ankai formed an additional yearly production capacity of 6,000 new energy buses.

As one China’s earliest bus manufacturer for R&D of new energy vehicles, Ankai focused on the development of new energy buses as early as 2003 and presently has formed 6~12m pure-electric bus, touring bus, and commuting bus series platform products. Its 5th generation new energy bus with “e-Control” system achieves >350km driving range and reduces the composite energy consumption by >10% than the previous generation product. It's presently the pure-electric bus of China’s highest composite performance indicators. Ankai’s latest 6th generation pure-electric bus closely follows the international development trend, applies the China’s latest pure-electric bus development technology, and realizes comprehensive surpasses in terms of operating efficiency, body structure, energy consumption, driving range, lightweight, and vehicle cost to build the new generation electric bus of lightest mass, longest driving range, and highest lifecycle cost-performance in the industry. 

R&D Strength

As one pioneer of China’s new energy vehicles, Ankai spares no effort in terms of the R&D and industrialization to strive for the realization of the corner overtaking for China’s automotive industry. From the world’s first pure-electric bus route to the industry’s first new energy intelligent management system (Ankai “e-Control” system) and to the China’s sole “National Electric Bus System Integration Engineering R&D Center” and “National and Local United Engineering R&D Center for Electric Bus System Development and Application”, Ankai closely follows the national new energy vehicle development strategy, sticks to the technologic route of primary pure-electric vehicle and auxiliary plug-in hybrid vehicle, tracks the latest technologies for development of fuel cell buses, and insists on independent R&D of vehicle control systems and asynchronous motors, the independent development of permanent motors, the integration and application of power batteries, and the product technologic development route of weight-reduction and cost-reduction.

As a contractor for national electric bus system engineering R&D center and based on the construction objectives of engineering R&D center and the technologic development needs of Ankai, Ankai set up the China’s leading Ankai engineering center lab, which incorporates 5 main labs and 18 sub-labs.

High Safety And Reliability
For Guarantee Of Vehic le Operations
  • Highly integrated controllers
    The integrated 5-in-1 controller integrates the drive motor controller, electronic power steering motor controller, air compressor motor controller, DC/DC, and high-voltage distribution, which is developed to realize high efficiency, energy-saving, and higher safety and reliability.
  • Vehicle system-level EMC design
    The design rules of body framework, electric parts, and connecting cables are defined, the design specifications are prepared centering on the EMC ground, shielding, and filtering, and the vehicle is verified in accordance with GB/T18387 and GB14023.

5-level safety protection for power battery system
  • 01

    Fireproof and flame-retardance design for power battery system
  • 02

    Smoke detection and wireless transmission alarm
  • 03

    Battery over-current, over-voltage, over-charging, and over-discharging protection system
  • 04

    Quick unlocking and detaching system for battery compartment
  • 05

    Automatic fire-extinguishing system

6-level protection design for high voltage system of vehicle
Complete IP67 protection standard compliance and high wading safety
  • Wading depth protection

    Battery compartment water-proof design + IP67 protection standard compliance for electric steering pump, drive motors, and electric inflation pump
    Wading test at 5~10km/h in 30cm deep water

    Charging contactor seizure protection and temperature control

    In event of seizure of the contactor, the vehicle controller sends via communication control a signal to the battery management system to restrain the charging. During the charging, the battery management system real-time monitors the information of temperature sensor at the charging socket connection. Upon detection of over-temperature at the connection, a signal is sent via communication network to restrain the charging and a warning is shown on the instrument.
  • IP67 high protection grade design

    IP67 high protection grade design
    500mm water immersion test for 24h

    Vehicle brake override system

    Even if the accelerator pedal is depressed, the driver can still stop the vehicle by depressing the brake pedal.
  • Isolation between battery and passenger compartment

    The battery for a pure-electric bus is installed on the side or the roof to completely isolate from the passenger compartment so that the battery is beyond the access of the passengers and the standard requirements are met.

    Vehicle steering priority system

    Upon detection of any abnormal online status such as electronic accelerator, electronic brake, and air pressure sensor, the vehicle real-time activates the graded safety control status, such as status warning, system power reduction, and active stop. The high pressure oil supply is maintained for the steering circuit to realize the 30s delayed steering function.

Complete inspection capability and more reliable quality
Ankai boasts the performance test capability for the prototyping of vehicle, road reliability and performance test of vehicle, and performance, strength, life, and environment of main parts and power assemblies, including motors, electronic control, and battery.
  • Vehicle R&D and performance lab (National accredited) Vehicle test and performance verification

    New energy vehicle power system lab

  • Power battery lab Electronic control system lab

    System integration test

  • Parts performance lab

    Parts test

Energy-saving And Environmental-friendliness
for improvement of environmental-friendly benefits
  • Independent permanent magnet synchronous drive motor
    The independent permanent magnet synchronous drive motor realizes iterative development and mass production and application, with the performance indicators leading the industry.
  • Permanent magnet synchronous steering system
    The permanent magnet synchronous steering system features high efficiency, small volume, and light weight compared with AC asynchronous steering pump under same power condition.
  • Permanent magnet synchronous inflation pump system
    The permanent magnet synchronous inflation pump system is applied. The inflation pump is arranged behind the rear wheels of the vehicle to reduce the noise of driver zone.

All-round lightweight design for improvement of energy-saving performance

High intelligence and comfort for
improvement of vehicle operation experience
Intelligent control system
Ankai “e-Control” system is the comprehensive upgrade of Ankai electric excellence management system (I-EMS). On the basis of “Vehicle Control System”, “Motor Drive System”, and “Energy Management System”, it integrates three characteristics, namely humanized control, multi-level safety, and intelligent function, to bring about a technologic and comfortable driving/riding experience and lead the comprehensive entry of China’s new energy buses into intelligent large-screen age.
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