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Product Technology
Lightweight Monocoque body

The Monocoque body invention patent
Leading and Practical Product Technology
The technologic cooperation with German Daimler Group for more than 20 years established the world's first-class and the China's leading technologic advantage of Ankai. On the basis of the Monocoque body technology,the body framework is made of 16Mn rectangular pipes so that the body strength is 3~6 times of that of common buses and the weight is lighter by approximately 8% than the buses of same class.
The Semi-monocoque bus manufacturing technology is based on the technologic advantage of JAC's professional chassis and the manufacturing technologies of Hyundai bus so that the economy and comfort of the products are extensively praised by the customers.
Ankai maintains a long-term in-depth cooperation with multiple industry-university-research institutions, including German Siemens, the University of Califomia, the University of Science and Technology of China, and the Shanghai Jiaotong University, and the cooperation projects cover the multiple fields, including hybrid system, electronic control system, and drive motor, to ensure that the Ankai's technologic development is always in line with the world and the trend.

Technical cooperation
  • Plug-in Hybrid System Research
    Technologic partner University of Californiaat Davis
  • Electronic Control System Research
    Technologic partner University of Science and Technology of China
  • New Energy Vehicle R&D Capability Planning
    Technologic partner Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • Drive Motor Research
    Technologic partner Anhui University
  • New Energy Vehicle Develop - ment Common Technology Exchange
    Anhui New Energy Vehicle Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance
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