double decker travel bus
Ankai luxury double-decker sightseeing bus


As people's demands for travel vehicles are becoming more and more diversified, the safety, comfort, convenience and intelligence of public transport equipment have also been paid more and more attention by the market.

Ankai double-decker sightseeing bus, from modern appearance, safety first body technology to high-end and comfortable interior space, meets the personalized needs of passengers in many ways. At the same time, zero emission, pollution-free pure electric double-decker bus not only meets the pursuit of green development, but also responds to the development trend of high-end eco-tourism.

The bus body adopts monocoque body structure, which realizes integration from the source of product development - no chassis concept, effectively reduces the height of vehicle center of gravity, and improves the driving stability; in addition, the power system with strong power, environmental protection and energy saving can improve the comprehensive benefits of operating enterprises, and provide green and feasible solutions for creating a new business card of tourism city.

From London in Britain, Paris in France, Sydney in Australia, Auckland in New Zealand, Washington in the United States, Rome in Italy, Cape Town in South Africa, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and other foreign cities, Ankai double-decker sightseeing bus has become the most beautiful scenic line in a city, providing tourists with a new choice of tourism mode.

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