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Assists in diversified operations,13.7m Ankai A9 accelerate high-quality travel


A few days ago, Ankai Bus launched the 13.7-meter A9 model to further give play to the important role of passenger transportation in promoting the development of national high-quality travel, so that the passenger transportation industry and the tourism industry continue to present a new trend of integration, innovation and coordinated development.

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Under the trend of high-end, comfortable, and intelligent passenger transportation, Ankai Bus, which continues to make breakthroughs in innovation, is developing high-end products that meet market expectations—13.7m Ankai A9, which shows Ankai’s leading research and development capabilities in high-end large buses ,and has brought better choices for high-end passenger transportation, business travel, and group commuting.

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The Ankai A9 body adopts a curved surface transition, which is round and plump as a whole, which effectively reduces the shape resistance, frictional resistance and wind noise of the whole vehicle; the weight of the whole vehicle is about 8% lighter than similar models, and it is equipped with a golden power chain that meets the national six emission standards. The fuel consumption is 5% lower than that of similar products, which fully meets the needs of passenger transportation, and can also support the demand of scenic spots and Spring Festival transportation during peak seasons, and enhance the ability of enterprises to diversify operations.

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In terms of internal environment, the vehicle is equipped with Ankai’s unique invention patented in-vehicle internal environmental management system, which has excellent performance in vehicle cooling, heating, fresh air ventilation, air purification, etc. It automatically senses the CO2 concentration in the vehicle compartment. The air circulation inside and outside the bus is replaced, and the air can be completely ventilated in 3 to 4 minutes, and it can remove suspended air particles and reduce the value of PM2.5 by 70% to 90%, so that users in enterprises and institutions can use it more at ease.

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In terms of performance, the 13.7-meter A9 model uses a 6.5-meter long wheelbase to maximize the volume of the luggage compartment. The large luggage compartment provides customers with more cargo space, ensuring the occupancy rate and increasing the value of the vehicle. Bilateral fueling ports are convenient for entering the station to refuel. The number of seats is arranged according to the maximum number of seats "55+1", which can bring higher operational efficiency and benefits to the enterprise.

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It is worth mentioning that the bus also prepares a separate driver’s sleeping cabin with heating and air-conditioning outlets for drivers on long-distance lines to create a comfortable and independent rest space, reduce long-distance driving fatigue, and enhance drivers’ rest satisfaction and comfort . Ankai has always been at the leading level in the field of luxury buses. The 13.7m A9 launched this time has outstanding performance, safer, more comfortable, and more luxurious. It creates super-value profit space with a large passenger capacity and has become a benchmark product in the field of luxury buses.

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Faced with the urgent needs of citizens for commuting and travel after the economy is accelerating, how to assist high-quality travel is an urgent and realistic problem for passenger transport companies that rely mainly on road transport. Ankai Bus launches a high-end passenger "all-rounder" 13.7m A9 model at this node, which will surely provide the people with a more comfortable, safer and more convenient commuting and travel experience.

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