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Energy-saving,environmentally friendly,strong and reliable,"BEST" N7 helps achieve the "dual carbon" goal


This year is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". "Carbon peaking" and "carbon neutrality" have become hot words. From a horizontal perspective, to realize the vision of carbon neutrality, the time required for China will be 30 years shorter than that of developed countries. This is a very huge challenge. As the country accelerates the construction of a transportation power, the transportation industry urgently needs high-tech and highly reliable transportation vehicles.

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In this context, Ankai launched the "energy-saving, environmentally friendly, strong and reliable" "BEST" N7, strengthened product technological innovation, actively implemented the concept of green development, and made unremitting efforts to achieve the "dual carbon" goal. The new "BEST" N7 has a variety of configurations, with three different configurations of business version, business version, and flagship version. It is equipped with two power types, gasoline version and diesel version, which can meet the needs of different market segments in the field of public and commercial vehicles.

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"BEST" N7 is equipped with two power options of diesel and gasoline, which not only has mature technology and reliable quality, but also gives the vehicle super power. Among them, the Anhui-Cummins 3.0CTI National VI diesel engine adopts a 2000bar high-pressure common rail fuel system, which has better fuel atomization effect and more complete combustion. The emission post-treatment method adopts EGR + DOC + DPF + SCR + ASC technical route, which provides strong power at the same time. It has both fuel-saving performance and provides "BEST" N7 with excellent fuel economy and easily meets National VI emissions. The 3.5L gasoline engine equipped by "BEST" N7 is the world's largest single-cylinder gasoline engine. It has strong power, low cost and light weight. At the same time, it has good performance in high temperature and plateau, strong adaptability and high reliability, which can achieve the greatest value in utility.

Not only that, but in terms of vehicle reliability, "BEST" N7 has been calibrated for special performance for 18 months, and the reliability of 60,000 kilometers of long-distance comprehensive roads has been strictly verified, and it has completed the 4000-meter plateau, 40℃ high temperature and high temperature. The -30℃ high-cold area and road conditions are in the harsh three-high road test, and dual 80AH batteries are used in parallel. The cold start performance in the high-cold environment is guaranteed and the reliability is higher.

"BEST" N7 body adopts full immersion cathodic electrophoresis process, with super anti-corrosion performance, ensuring the stability and reliability of the whole vehicle. Moreover, each "BEST" chassis must be dynamically debugged for 30 kilometers before being buckled to ensure that the performance of each vehicle is optimal.

To make the most excellent high-end public commercial vehicles,since the first generation of “BEST” in 2007, Ankai‘s exploration of innovation is always on pace, through the three core crafts of stamped chassis technology , Load-bearing all-metal stamping body, full-immersion cathodic electrophoresis, never giving up the pursuit of high-end quality. After the strict tests and careful adjustments under various climates and operating conditions, the latest generation of "BEST" N7 bus  has emerged as a benchmark for mid-to-high-end business bus.

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The new generation of BEST N7 is "energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and reliable", and its transportation technology and efficiency are complete as a whole, which can provide a safe and healthy travel environment for personnel and realize China's "dual carbon goal" as soon as possible. In the future, Ankai will actively implement the concept of green development, by strengthening product technological innovation, to meet the people's demand for high-quality travel, and  supplement the country's construction.

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