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Ankai A9 luxury coach successfully entered Russia


The Ankai A9 luxury coach has built a reputation on the international market for its striking design, high reliability and high fuel economy.

In Russia, the number of Ankai A9 luxury coaches operating has been growing steadily in recent years. Some customers travel all the way to China to visit Ankai's production base before making a purchase.

Due to its vast land area and extreme weather conditions in winter, Russia sets particularly high standards for buses. As a result, the Ankai A9 luxury bus has been improved in many ways. For example, its engines and pipes are insothermal. 11 independent heaters have also been installed to ensure winter passenger comfort on board.

In June 2018, Ankai Bus traveled more than 12,000 kilometers from Dalian, Liaoning Province to Siberia, Russia, demonstrating its high quality standards and strong mobility.
On October 23, 2018, Ankai A9 luxury bus was unveiled at Busworld Exhibition Russia in Moscow, marking a huge step forward for its growing presence in the country.

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