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Ankai G6 electric bus is very popular in Chinese cities


With China's rapid urbanization process, the Ankai G6 electric bus is growing in many cities in China, providing greener and more convenient transportation services for people in urban and rural areas.

As one of Ankai's fist products, the G6 electric bus has won the honor of China Star bus model and recommended bus model.
The G6 electric passenger car has a more eye-catching appearance, with short front and rear suspensions and a narrow body structure. It achieves greater agility and operability. By increasing the wheelbase, the bus provides more space for passengers. The height from the floor to the roof is 2 meters.

Passengers should board the G6 electric bus through the front door and get off at the middle door. Operating data show that the bus can reduce energy consumption by 5% compared to similar products.
The stageless transmission (CVT) helps the G6 electric bus travel more smoothly. Remote monitoring and diagnostic systems provide bus drivers and drivers with instant information about the operation of vehicle batteries, motors and other critical components. Warnings are also issued when pedestrians or lane departures or speeding are detected.
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