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Ankai Driverless Buses Appear at the Huangshan Book Fair


Recently, the "2021 China Huangshan Book Fair" with the theme of "Reading Books for a Hundred Years, Full of Scholarship" was grandly opened in Hefei, offering a magnificent picture of "enjoy the feast of books and appreciate the beauty of reading" for everyone.

The Ankai self-driving passenger bus that participated in the 2021 China Huangshan Book Fair was dressed in "Chinese Red". The appearance of the wholebus has a sense of science and technology and a sense of future.The audience will read " The innovation and development road of driverless bus",deeply feel the "beauty of science and technology".Enlarging and strengthening the intelligent networked automobile industry and giving full play to the advantages of automobile characteristic industries and leading industries are important measures for Hefei to insist on advancing the innovation-driven development strategy and high-quality development in recent years.

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In 2020, Hefei opened the first 5G demonstration line for autonomous vehicles, and Ankai unmanned buses obtained the first batch of unmanned driving test licenses in Anhui and officially put them into operation, which marks the official landing of the 5G-enabled unmanned driving technology in Anhui province which has promoted the application of unmanned driving technology in real scenarios.

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As the technical leader of Ankai bus in the cutting-edge field, Ankai self-driving bus can realize the digitization, informatization and intelligence capabilities of the whole journey based on smart intersections and smart sites through artificial intelligence, automatic control, visual computing, etc., according to different road conditions and real-time emergency respond, and allowing the bus to pass the route accurately and reach the destination safely.

At present, Ankai driverless buses have been put into operation in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Zhangjiajie, Tianjin, Hefei, Macau and other cities. The advent of driverless technology will bring profound changes to future transportation, making human travel more intelligent and convenient. Ankai bus has always taken a solid step forward on the road of unmanned driving, making "Made in China" step further with leading technology and disruptive technological innovations represented by autonomous driving, and contribute to the future of China's intelligent transportation.

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