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JAC Kazakhstan factory rolled off the 40,000th vehicle


In October 2021, with the successful launch of the JAC brand J7 product, the SAP plant of the Allur Group officially launched the 40,000th vehicle rolled off the assembly line in the year, exceeding its annual sales volume for 2020.

Since 2019, when JAC Group, together with SINOMACH, acquired 51% of Allur Group and became the controlling shareholder, the business operation has stepped into a stage of high-quality growth, gradually becoming the number one automotive group in Kazakhstan. With strong technical and financial support, the capacity of the SAP plant has been rapidly increased.In the first three quarters of 2021, The plant achieved for the first time the outstanding achievement of producing 38,000 vehicles of all types in nine months, an increase of nearly 50% compared to 2020, setting a new speed for Kazakhstan's automotive industry and securing its position as the No.1 automotive group in Kazakhstan. Such gratifying results come from JAC Group's continuous intensive cultivation of the Kazakhstan market over the years. In 2014, the JAC brand entered the Kazakhstan market. In the past seven years, JAC Group has provided more convenient travel solutions for the people of Kazakhstan with high-quality products and services, and has been recognized by various local industries.

In May 2021, the pure electric vehicle iEV7S was delivered in bulk to Almaty City Tourism Company for use in local scenic spots for rent, helping the local economy to recover. in June 2021, following the delivery of more than 400 JAC ambulances in 2020, the company won another order for more than 120 ambulances for the new round of fighting the Covid-19 epidemic.In July 2021, Kazakhstan Post purchased JAC 62 units of commercial vehicles for the second time in 2021. JAC has also customized relevant models according to the transportation requirements of valuables and the characteristics of the express industry. In September 2021, the pure electric vehicle iEV7S was delivered to the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan in batches. As official vehicles, this batch of iEV7S not only meet the demand of daily office travel, but also serve as a window for the government to practice the image of green travel.

During the Central Asian Summit, the President of Kazakhstan focused on the country's achievements in the fields of industry, transportation and energy. The Kazakhstan joint venture plant of JAC unveiled a number of models in a high-profile manner. With its excellent product quality, JAC Group has gradually gained the trust of users in Kazakhstan. The media of China News Network Kazakhstan station praised: "JAC has become a bright business card for Chinese manufacturing in Kazakhstan." The local government and media praised it as a model of "Made in China" in Kazakhstan, writing a more beautiful chapter for the "Belt and Road"!

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