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Manipulate "Old " and "New "Shanghai with One Bus Ticket


Shanghai, a city with a glorious revolutionary tradition, has always been an open city, and it is also a city with rich historical heritage.It is not only the "old Shanghai" with oriental charm, various and harmonious beauties, but also a "new magic city" with vitality, international style where you can touch history and embrace the future.China is so big that you may not have walked around all the places, but you must come to Shanghai once.Take a double- deck sightseeing convertible city bus, blowing the evening breeze, and feel the various styles of Shanghai.Compared with other buses, the double-deck sightseeing bus allows you to quickly appreciate the charm of the city and enjoy more pleasant scenery.If you are here for the first time, it is definitely the best way for you to get acquainted with it quickly!

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Next, follow the steps of Xiao An, and try to play "old Shanghai" and "new magic city" with a ticket!

Ankai Sightseeing Bus

At present, the Spring and Autumn Urban Sightseeing Bus Company has 4 routes and more than 40 stations, covering 6 major scenic spots in Shanghai, connecting many famous scenic spots, landscapes, business districts, entertainment venues and stations in the city.With only one ticket and take a tourist bus, you can appreciate the thousands of styles of Shanghai and enjoy the city of Shanghai.Nowadays, the Ankai Sightseeing Bus in the Bund, Nanjing Road, People’s Square, Chenghuang Temple, Xintiandi, Lujiazui, Oriental Pearl Tower and other neighborhoods have evolved into “famous sites on social media” for Chinese and foreign tourists to check in.The graffiti style and retro appearance make it a popular "mobile shooting background". Without filters, you can take pictures of the intimacy of the old Shanghai and the modernity of the new magic city on the convertible bus seats.

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It is worth mentioning that the double deck sightseeing buses here are equipped with an explanation system in 8 languages and free earplugs. You can learn the history of the landscape and enrich the travel history when walking through the classic landmarks of Shanghai.

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Ankai double deck sightseeing bus is equipped with beautiful and comfortable seats, so that every friend who takes a double deck tourist bus for sightseeing in Shanghai can enjoy the scenery along the road and enjoy sightseeing in a safe and comfortable environment. If you are also planning a "modern trip", you might as well try to take a cool double-deck convertible bus to experience the scenery of Shanghai. I believe it will not let you down.

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