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To protect healthy travel, Ankai's internal environmental system creates a "mobile forest oxygen bar"


The autumn is clear and the demand for public travel has increased. However, due to the impact of the general environment such as the heat, the public has become more cautious about travel, and health, safety and comfort have become more important factors when traveling. Facing the public's in-depth demand for "healthy travel", Ankai Bus intensively cultivates technology research and development, and is committed to creating a safe and comfortable riding environment for each passenger.

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As a leader in China's bus industry, Ankai attaches great importance to passengers' demands for healthy travel. As early as 1993, Ankai developed the first generation of internal environmental management system. In the course of many years of scientific research and development, Ankai has cultivated a high-quality scientific research team, has strong technical precipitation, and has obtained a number of invention patents. The technology of the internal environmental management system is becoming more and more mature.

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Just like Ankai pioneered the use of monocoque body technology in China, Ankai has always been ahead of the passenger bus air purification technology. Ankai's third-generation internal environmental management system can provide passengers with a healthier and more comfortable environment through four core modules. Riding environment, humanized and intelligent management and control of the cold, warm, oxygen content and air quality in the bus.

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For areas with a lot of smog, Ankai air purification module can effectively reduce PM2.5 value by 70%-90%, keep the air in the bus always fresh, alleviate sleepiness and fatigue of passengers, and make people feel happy, while filtering out the interior of the bus. Harmful particles, bacteria and allergens in the air make the air in the bus fresh and natural.

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The autumn is here, but the heat has not been eliminated. It is necessary to create a cool and comfortable riding environment. Ankai's third-generation internal environment management system has automatic temperature control and cooling function. When the temperature in the bus is equal to or lower than the set temperature, the air conditioner is not cooling, that is, the compressor stops working. When the temperature in the bus is higher than the set temperature, the air-conditioning compressor works to start cooling and maintain the set temperature in the bus. Under the supervision and control of the system, passengers can enjoy a comfortable riding environment.

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In view of the different temperature requirements of different groups of people, Ankai's third-generation internal environmental management system also has a multi-zone automatic temperature control heating function, and breaks the traditional heating design mode of the industry, so that the heating temperature difference in the bus is not more than 1 degrees Celsius. Let every passenger enjoy the feeling of independent zone temperature control.

In a closed space, passengers are prone to feel sleepy, and Ankai's third-generation internal environmental management system can automatically sense the concentration of CO2 in the bus. Once the concentration reaches the set value, the system will automatically replace the air inside and outside the bus to make the interior air always maintains a comfortable freshness.

When the fresh air is ventilated, the air entering the compartment is pre-cooled in summer, and the cold air entering the compartment is pre-heated in winter, so that the temperature of the fresh air is at a suitable and comfortable temperature for the human body at all times.

In recent years, people have more stringent requirements on the riding environment of public transportation. In this regard, Ankai always puts the safety and health of users first, and empowers buses with Ankai's third-generation internal environmental management system. , To better guarantee public travel, turn the passenger bus cabin into a "mobile forest oxygen bar", and create a healthy and comfortable environment for citizens to travel.

In the future, Ankai Bus will continue to dedicate its own strength, shoulder corporate social responsibility, and create a smart and healthy bus ecosystem to escort passengers to travel safely and comfortably!

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