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The mileage of single vehicle exceeded 100,000 kilometers! Ankai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Sets a New High


Developing of fuel cell vehicles is a strategic emerging industry in China. At the same time, the operating mileage of Ankai hydrogen fuel cell buses, which had been put into operation ,has reached a new high. The single-vehicle operating mileage has exceeded 100,000 kilometers, and the performance of the entire vehicle is stable and reliable, and the overall performance is excellent.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

On September 22, 2020, we announced to achieve the goals of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutralization"in China.The proposal of the "double carbon" goal shows that China has taken the initiative to assume the responsibility of a major country to deal with global climate change. At the same time, it also brings opportunities for the development of low-carbon, zero carbon and other industries.

As a new generation of disruptive technology ,which leading the transformation of the energy industry,hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies have received strong support from the national level. At the same time, all regions are also actively promoting the development of hydrogen energy industry. In December 2019, Ankai 8.5m hydrogen fuel cell buses were put into operation on No. 301 bus line in Lu'an City, which becoming the first hydrogen energy bus demonstration line in Anhui Province.

Ankai 8.5m hydrogen fuel cell buses

It is reported that each hydrogen fuel cell bus on the line has an operating mileage of approximately 280 kilometers everyday. After the operation of the vehicle, it has won unanimous praise from local citizens and drivers. A passenger said: "compared with ordinary buses, the startingdriving and parking process of hydrogen fuel buses are very stable. The bus is quieter and the riding experience is more comfortable".The driver also said:Ankai hydrogen fuel buses increase speed more fastly than ordinary buses and brake more smoothly.

At present, Ankai hydrogen fuel cell buses are operating in good condition, and the operating mileages continue to achieve new breakthroughs.The rich demonstration operation experience will help Lu'an get closer to the core development zone of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry in Anhui Province, and provide a reference for the further promotion and application of hydrogen fuel cell buses in Anhui Province and even the whole countries.

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In fact, as early as more than ten years ago, Ankai Bus started the technology research and development and product layout of hydrogen fuel cell buses.From the tracking and storage of hydrogen fuel technology, to the cooperation with those “hard core brain trust” like the industry's only national electric bus system integration engineering technology research center and national post-doctoral research work station. Ankai devotes itself to building every fuel cell bus,which has achieved a qualitative leap in lightweight and integrated vehicle design, including wide temperature range and platform design.

Through the development of a series of hydrogen fuel cell bus products and technological improvement, Ankai has developed a full range of 8-12 meters hydrogen fuel bus products, and has formed good demonstration effects.Not only that, Ankai continues to promote the development of new products and improve the performance of products in all aspects. Ankai develops a new generation of 12-meter hydrogen fuel cell bus for commercial applications. Under the general condition of city bus operation, the vehicle can be filled with hydrogen within 15 minutes, and the driving range can reach more than 500 kilometers. It can also realize the automatic start under the low temperature environment of - 30 , which can fully meet the high-intensity transportation requirements of urban public transport.

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The development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will help China to achieve the "dual carbon" goal, and is also a major strategic direction for the transformation of automotive energy.As an excellent bus manufacturing enterprise in China, Ankai implements the enterprise responsibility and accelerates the deployment of hydrogen fuel cell buses. It will help the country win the energy transformation and help build green public transport with innovative scientific and technological achievements.

In the future, with the further development of the hydrogen energy industry, Ankai bus will continue to continuously improve the green travel level with scientific and technological innovation, while innovating user experience and business models to contribute to the realization of China's "dual carbon" goal.

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