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First in the industry! CAACS results are officially released, and Ankai bus wins honor


Recently,the "China Automotive After-sales Service Customer Satisfaction (CAACS) Survey Results Release Conference in 2021" was grandly held in Beijing. Ankai Buses won the "First Bus Brand" in customer satisfaction after-sales service with a total score of 87.43 points, which fully demonstrates the enterprise strength and strong after-sales service guarantee system capabilities.

The CAACS survey is one of the most authoritative automotive after-sales service customer satisfaction surveys in the industry. It is commissioned by the Ministry of Transport and the China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association.The CAACS survey is carried out in strict accordance with the transportation industry standard "Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Method for Automobile After-sales Service" (JT / T900-2014).

2021 is the 13th year of the CAACS survey. It has witnessed the changes and progress of the aftermarket in the Chinese automotive industry. The release of the survey results provides a reliable data basis for the development of after-sales service satisfaction in the auto industry, which represents the voice of the end customer to the greatest extent.

In this CAACS survey, Ankai bus took the lead with a score of 87.43 and won the "First Bus Brand in Customer Satisfaction", which not only demonstrated the first-class technology and products of Ankai Bus, but also fully confirmed the quality experience brought to customers by the service system after 55 years of development.

Ankai bus has always attached great importance to service quality, and has continuously improved its service system and level during many years of development.As a leading bus enterprise in China, Ankai bus pioneered the bus service brand "Ankai Dajiayuan" in 2014. It took the lead in bringing bus services from "passive maintenance" to a new era of "active care". Ankai bus starts from various aspects such as service standards, service processes, service commitments and the establishment of service outlets. Through the “four commitments”, “four elements”, “four seasons care” and “four major interactions”, it has created an excellent service quality and friendly cooperative relationship continue to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ankai bus after-sales service system was the first to obtain the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) "five-star" after-sales service certification in 2018,and it again obtained the "seven-star (excellent)" certification of the CTEAS after-sales service system in 2019. The achievement of honors confirms the continuous progress made by Ankai in the construction of service brand, and have also become an important symbol of a new leap in the service system of China's bus industry.

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In the new era, both changes in the economic situation and in consumer demand have put forward higher requirements for the service level of the passenger bus industry.Taking service as the cornerstone and centering on the construction of the "Ankai Dajiayuan" service brand, Ankai bus has continuously strengthened its internal system optimization and perfection, and continued to carry out a series of special customer service activities externally, and the service quality has been fully upgraded. Ankai bus has not only built a nationwide after-sales service network, but also all service stations respond to service needs 24 hours and provide customers with free technical support for life.

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In the future, Ankai bus will continue to continuously improve the service system construction with the customer as the center, and through the standardization of service processes, normalization of service activities, humanization of service concepts, fine service management, and the "five modernizations" construction of informationization of the entire service process, and continue to strengthen the building of the service brand, so as to continuously demonstrate the quality and responsibility of China's manufacturing with strength.

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