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Acting as the main force of public transportation in Saudi Arabia, Ankai sets a model for "going to sea" of made in China


Busrying the spring breeze of the "One Belt One Road" initiative, Chinese companies continue to strengthen the construction of overseas markets. Chinese bus brands are participating in the integration, continuously exporting products, technologies, supply chains, and even concepts, and have achieved good results .

Recently, Xinhua News Agency published a report "Chinese brand buses enter the fast track of development in the Saudi market". The report pointed out that Chinese brand buses have become the "main force" in the Saudi public transportation field. The service level is extremely competitive. At present, it has made great progress in the field of public transportation in Saudi Arabia. Its products cover school buses, city buses, tourist buses, hajj vehicles, etc., and have become the absolute main force in the field of ground public transportation in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia is a country that Muslims all over the world yearn for. Every year, millions of Muslims all over the world go to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia for hajj. As a representative of the Chinese bus brand, Ankai Bus has successfully completed the service guarantee mission during the Saudi Hajj every year with high-quality products and high-quality services, which fully reflects the capabilities of Chinese brands and Chinese manufacturing.

In Saudi Arabia, Ankai Bus has a service team that takes turns to station in the Saudi market throughout the year. As the global new crown virus epidemic has not yet fully stabilized this year, in order to ensure the normal operation of buses in Saudi Arabia, Ankai International Service Team members took buse of everyone and took the initiative to apply for a station in Saudi Arabia. Every time they went out for 3 months Above. It is the round-the-clock service of these personnel that has made a great contribution to the achievements of Ankai Bus in the local area.

Every year during the Hajj, Ankai Bus will make full preparations. Before the Hajj, the service team will maintain and inspect all the vehicles together with the customer on the spot. Every small problem will not be overlooked, even a light bulb or a horn. Both need to be busefully checked. Moreover, during the Hajj, the vehicles are kept on 24 hours a day, and the personnel on the scene need to be on standby 24 hours a day, day and night.

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According to Zhu Yingyang, a service engineer at Ankai International, “once the phone rang at 2 in the morning, and a driver called and said that a G9 bus was suddenly unable to start after it stopped and refueled. This was anxious for them. Because of the inability to communicate with each other. It is clear that we drove more than 60 kilometers to the scene immediately. After inspection, it was found that the driver was unfamiliar with the vehicle. After refueling, the vehicle touched the passenger door anti-pinch system. The G9 vehicle is a high-end automatic transmission vehicle with a protective device. The high sensitivity caused the vehicle to be unable to start. We re-adjusted the anti-pinch system on the spot and got it in just 5 minutes. The driver and the passengers in the vehicle gave us a big praise. Watching the vehicle slowly drive out of our sight, we Tired and happy."

It is the rigorous and responsible pre-Hajj inspection that guarantees the perfect departure of every Ankai bus. When seeing the solemn and sacred figure of Ankai bus, which represents the Chinese brand busrying Muslims from all over the world running on the land of Saudi Arabiaall the Ankai people are very proud.

The harsh natural conditions in Saudi Arabia with drought and high temperature have brought severe challenges to the safety, reliability and comfort of imported vehicles. In response to Saudi Arabia’s special climate environment, especially high temperatures above 50°C, Ankai Bus has been carefully designed in terms of technology and products, especially the reliability of export vehicles, the long-term cooling capacity of the vehicle’s air-conditioning and the powertrain. It has been optimized in terms of cost, etc., so that Saudi users have a more comfortable riding experience.

Before entering the Saudi market, the entire vehicle needs to meet both the Gulf country certification and Saudi Arabia’s stringent regulations. Ankai Bus has conducted a full range of high-standard product design from R&D and design to production processes by fully investigating the demand for vehicles in the Saudi market. And production, the manufactured high-quality passenger buses can calmly cope with the local climate environment and complex road conditions.

Based on Ankai Bus's product concept of excellence + "customer-centric" service awareness, Ankai Bus has successfully completed Saudi Hajj services year after year, giving overseas customers a new understanding of Chinese manufacturing. At present, Ankai has exported more than 10,000 passenger buses to the Saudi market, making it the largest passenger bus brand in the Saudi market.

Even when the global epidemic in 2021 has not stabilized, in the face of difficulties in upstream parts supply, international shipping schedules, and tight delivery times, Ankai Bus makes full use of domestic advantages to coordinate market resources and manage logistics processes. Ensure that orders are delivered on time, and constantly refresh the international reputation.

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