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Green escort! Ankai pure electric bus takes the lead in the transportation of Anhui Province Commendation Conference!


Struggle for a hundred years and set sail on a new journey. On the morning of June 30th, Anhui Province’s outstanding Communist Party members, outstanding party workers, advanced grassroots party organizations and civil servants satisfied by the people, and the collective commendation meeting for civil servants satisfied by the people was grandly held at the Anhui Grand Theater. "Party members of the Communist Party" participated in this commendation meeting.

At the same time that the camera was aimed at the commendation conference, the Ankai pure electric bus that connected the delegates outside the venue became another beautiful scene of the conference.

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For such an important event, the choice of escort vehicles is undoubtedly the best choice. It not only requires outstanding product performance, but also requires the company to have a positive image and hard-core strength. As a model of high-end manufacturing of Chinese buses, Ankai Bus continues to innovate and strive for excellence, becoming synonymous with safe, reliable, environmentally friendly, comfortable and high-quality buses, and it has full confidence in taking on the responsibility of escort.

The service vehicles for this conference all use Ankai pure electric A6 as the main transportation force, reflecting the leading technical strength and extremely high design craftsmanship of the Chinese bus brand. In the context of China's vigorously advocating the development of green transportation, new energy vehicles have entered the fast lane of development and become a new choice for green travel. Ankai pure electric A6 bus has zero emission, energy saving and environmental protection, smooth start-up, low noise, effectively reducing urban environmental pollution, and actively responding to the national "environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon emission" initiative.

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As a pure electric vehicle newly developed by Ankai Bus for the short- and medium-distance commuting market, Ankai Pure Electric A6 has the remarkable characteristics of environmental protection, high safety, high reliability, and super comfort. For a long time, Ankai Bus has been working hard to practice the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", focusing on the research and development and promotion of new energy buses, innovation leading the smart future, and ingenuity to create beautiful travel.

Ecological civilization is the fundamental plan for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized that efforts should be made to promote green development, circular development, and low-carbon development, strive to build a beautiful China, accelerate the development of green, circular, and low-carbon transportation, and accelerate the transformation of development methods. . Ankai Bus continues to inject fresh blood into the artery of transportation, the main artery of national economic and social development, and is committed to promoting the modernization of transportation.

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The century-old journey has been magnificent, and at the beginning of the century, the heart will grow stronger as time goes by. Over the years, Ankai sticks to its original aspirations, draws forward strength from the party's century of struggle history, and forge ahead. In the future, Ankai Bus will continue to follow the path of green development, and make unremitting efforts to serve the people's comfort, safety and green travel!

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