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Born to meet the needs and change with the situation,Ankai brings three new products to the 2021 Road Transport Vehicle Exhibition


In the context of the bus market coming out of a trough and gradually recovering,how bus companies seek high-quality development has become a topic of concern to the industry.

Luxury minibus

At the "2021 Beijing International Road Transport,Urban Public Transport,Tourist Passenger Vehicles and Parts Exhibition" (referred to as "Road Transport Exhibition") opened on July 7,Ankai's new generation BEST N7 and 13.7 meters A9. The strong lineup of pure electric small passenger bus Q5 has brought the "Ankai Solution" to the transforming passenger bus industry.

On the day of the event,the newly launched BEST N7 and 13.7m A9 also won two awards, namely "2021 Tourist Bus Innovative Product" and "2021 Road Bus Innovative Product" issued by the Organizing Committee.

A new generation of BEST N7, the "BEST" choice for high-end business

High-end public and commercial vehicles not only undertake the important task of official security, but also serve commercial areas such as business express buses,high-speed rail connections,and model lines. They are the "front" of medium-sized buses. In recent years,the self-owned brand of high-end commercial vehicles has risen strongly,and Ankai BEST is one of the outstanding ones.

"BEST"  is intended to pursue excellence. Since its launch, BEST has become a prominent representative of independent high-end public commercial vehicles,frequently serving major events at home and abroad,and enjoying a good market reputation. In 2021,Ankai has upgraded and developed a new generation of BEST N7,which will improve the performance of the vehicle with a number of optimized configurations.

Luxury coach

Customers of high-end commercial vehicles have extremely strict quality requirements,and safety and reliability have become an essential skill for high-end multi-purpose commercial vehicles. In terms of reliability,BEST N7 has been calibrated for 18 months, and the whole vehicle has passed the comprehensive road reliability verification of 60,000 kilometers;the body adopts full immersion cathodic electrophoresis,and has super anti-corrosion ability of 8 to 10 years without corrosion. In terms of safety,the body has four diamond closed loops,using front and rear disc brakes,ESC + ABS + EBD,lane departure warning,360 surround view,tire pressure alarm and other dozens of active and passive safety technologies. It is a veritable mobile safety fortress.

The positioning of high-end multi-purpose public and commercial vehicles means that BEST N7 needs to have the ability to meet different needs in different fields. Taking the current hot tourism market as an example,team miniaturization, service quality,and demand customization have become new trends,and products that can help customers create differentiated competitive advantages are more popular. The new BEST N7 has more configurations and a richer selection. It is equipped with two types of power,gasoline version and diesel version,which can meet the needs of different market segments in the field of public and commercial vehicles.

BEST N7 has an elegant appearance and unique ingenuity inside. It uses car-like craftsmanship and design concepts to have a more intelligent and user-friendly experience,bringing a comfortable and convenient ride experience,and it will surely become the operator’s " "Golden Signboard".

Ankai 13.7m A9, a high-end passenger "all-rounder"

Highway and railway competition is an unavoidable topic in the passenger transportation industry. Improving operational efficiency and riding experience is the key to the survival and development of passenger transportation. Under the trend of high-end,comfortable and convenient passenger transportation,companies that are good at innovation will often start from demand and develop cost-effective products that meet market expectations. A9 is the new model that Ankai Bus is developing. Following the popularity of the 12-meter A9 model,Ankai Bus has developed a new 13.7-meter A9 model,which provides a better choice for high-end passenger transport,business travel,and group commuting.

 New energy minibus

The 13.7-meter A9 model has a comprehensive improvement in driving performance. The 6.5-meter long wheelbase maximizes the volume of the luggage compartment. The double-sided refueling port is convenient for refueling in the station. The number of seats is arranged according to the maximum number of seats "55+1", which brings more high operational efficiency and profitability. At the same time, a separate driver sleeping cabin with heating and air-conditioning outlets creates a comfortable and independent rest space for drivers on long-distance shifts.

The body adopts a curved surface transition, which is round and plump as a whole, which effectively reduces the shape resistance, friction resistance and wind noise of the whole vehicle; the weight of the whole vehicle is about 8% lighter than similar models. With the carefully built golden power chain, the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is lower than similar products 5%, to fully meet the needs of line passenger transport practitioners, and to support scenic spots and Spring Festival transport needs during peak seasons, and enhance the ability of enterprises to diversify operations.

With the continuous improvement of urbanization, urban expansion and factory relocation, the demand for commuting vehicles for group commuting continues to grow; at the same time, in the period of normalized epidemic prevention and control, companies also have demand for commuter vehicles to ensure employee travel. The 13.7m A9 is equipped with Ankai’s unique invention patented in-vehicle environmental management system, which has excellent performance in vehicle cooling, heating, fresh air ventilation, air purification and other aspects. It automatically senses the CO2 concentration in the vehicle compartment to automatically carry out the air circulating replacement, complete ventilation in 3 to 4 minutes, and can remove suspended air particles, reduce the value of PM2.5 by 70% to 90%, so that users in enterprises and institutions can use it more at ease.

Pure electric small passenger bus Q5, the first choice for passenger transportation "big to small"

Today, with the frequent emergence of new business formats such as online bus-hailing, short-distance connections, and high-quality small group tours, highway passenger transportation has entered a brand-new "2.0 era". Look at the current transportation environment from the perspective of"cooperation in competition", and seek diversified development and chain innovation to build a brand-new ecosystem. Rich and diversified transportation environment, efficient and flexible travel needs, profound changes in energy consumption structure, plus the country's policy support for reducing 8/9-seat passenger buses to Category 1 passenger buses and lowering the corresponding charging standards, all provide room for development of small pure electric buses .

 new energy minibus

Ankai pure electric small passenger bus Q5 was born with the trend, with a smart size of 5.3 meters, a flexible layout of 9-11 seats, and an ultra-long endurance of 300 kilometers, it fully meets the needs of customized passenger transportation and business travel. It has become the first choice of “change from big to small” in the passenger 2.0 era ".


Above the trend, the potential energy is the greatest. Behind the three blockbuster new products are Ankai Bus's in-depth thinking and proactive actions on the road transportation industry. With three new products as a new starting point, Ankai Bus will respond to the times of the bus industry with new thinking and new products, and continue to output "Ankai Wisdom" and "Ankai Plan"!

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