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100% coverage of new energy buses,Ankai delivered to users in batches


Recently, Hefei New Energy Bus ushered in a new atmosphere. Ankai Bus and Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone Public Transport Operation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jingkai Bus) delivered 34 pure electric buses in Hefei. Liu Yong, general manager of Ankai Bus, delivered the keys of the new buses to Hu Zhengtian, general manager of Hefei Economic Development Bus. Jingkai Bus, Ankai Bus, leaders of relevant government departments and driver representatives attended the delivery ceremony and witnessed this exciting moment.

At the delivery ceremony, Hu Zhengtian, general manager of Jingkai Bus, said that the newly-purchased new energy buses will be put into various bus lines in the north and south districts as soon as possible to replace some of the diesel buses in online operation and the opening of new lines. Green travel for the people in the district. At this point, 11 lines in the north and south areas of the economic development zone will fully realize 100% coverage of new energy buses, marking that the economic development zone has fully entered the era of new energy buses.

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Since becoming a national “dual pilot” city for new energy vehicles in 2009, Hefei has been among the best in the country in promoting energy-saving and new energy vehicles, and has gradually entered into many fields such as civil, public transportation and government official vehicles. Since 2018, all newly purchased buses in Hefei must be new energy buses. At present, new energy buses account for 93.9% of the city's total buses. In order to actively respond to the national "green development" strategic layout, improve citizens' travel conditions, and protect Hefei's green water and blue sky, Jingkai Bus actively provides convenient, safe, economical, comfortable and environmentally friendly passenger transportation services for urban transportation, and promotes green passenger transportation. , To build a "quality public transport". Therefore, in the selection of new energy buses, Jingkai buses have always been strict and cautious.

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As a leading brand of new energy buses, Ankai Bus is committed to the research and development of new energy buses, actively promotes the commercial operation of new energy buses, and has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of new energy technology reserves, product performance and operational solutions. With a good market reputation and hard-core product strength, Ankai Bus and Jingkai Bus have reached in-depth cooperation.

The Ankai new energy buses delivered in this batch cover a variety of models, including G6, G9, A6, etc. The models can cover application scenarios such as long- and short-term operations, customized buses, etc., and can provide safe, comfortable and convenient bus services for people to travel, to fully meet the needs of Hefei city bus passenger transportation .

Ankai Bus

Ankai Pure Electric G6 is a small pure electric bus developed to meet the needs of urban and rural buses and urban microcirculation markets. It adopts a new electric body structure design and has better passive safety performance. The extended wheelbase maximizes the riding space. Thanks to the narrow body, the G6 has higher mobility than ordinary buses, and can pass more flexibly even when meeting vehicles on narrow urban and rural roads.

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As a star product in the pure electric field and a representative of domestic urban public transport, Ankai pure electric G9 has the reputation of "efficient travel expert", with a smart and lightweight shape, spacious and comfortable driving space and many intelligent high-tech configurations ,to create safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable and convenient travel services for passengers.

Ankai Pure Electric A6 is a pure electric commuter model oriented to the short- and medium-distance commuting market. Relying on the National Electric Bus System Integration Engineering Technology Research Center, it is undergoing new research and development. It has the remarkable characteristics of high safety, high reliability, and super comfort. Its safety has reached the leading domestic level.

Ankai A6 bus

After the Ankai New Energy Bus is put into operation, it will once again expand the new energy bus team in Hefei, and contribute new forces to the city's energy conservation, environmental protection and transportation development. In the future, Ankai Bus will continue to develop more new energy bus products that integrate environmental protection, safety and comfort, and high efficiency and energy saving, to continuously improve the sense of gain, happiness and safety of people traveling, and continue to promote the high-quality development of China’s transportation industry .

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