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Advanced technology prevents fatigue,Ankai intelligent monitoring system guarantees the safety of drivers and passengers


As the saying goes, "You feel sleepy in Spring,tired in Autumn, and snoozing in Summer". As the summer temperature rises, the weather is sultry, and the air circulation in the enclosed compartment is poor, which makes people feel tired. Therefore, summer has become a high incidence of fatigue driving.

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Especially in the process of long-distance passenger transportation, it is very important to prevent the driver from fatigued driving because of long driving time and few rest times. To this end, Ankai buses are equipped with a fatigue driving monitoring system to remind the driver and improve driving safety.

The Ankai Bus Fatigue Driving Monitoring System can collect the physiological response characteristics of the driver through cameras, sensors and other equipment, including facial features, eye signals, head movement, etc., and can use deep learning technology to determine whether the driver is fatigued. The cutting-edge technology comprehensively analyzes various physiological information, and can accurately determine whether the driver has entered or is about to enter a fatigued driving state, so as to send out early warning signals in time to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.

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For example, fatigue driving, hands off the steering wheel, answering a hand-held phone, not looking ahead for a long time, smoking... all these small actions can not escape the "big eyes" of the Ankai Bus Intelligent Fatigue Driving Early Warning System, which recognizes the driver’s danger. After the action, it can automatically respond to reminders, which greatly improves the driving experience and ensures safe driving.

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Summer is the peak period of travel, and bus brands should put the protection of passengers’ safety first. In this regard, Ankai Bus fully takes into account the safety and comfort of personnel. In addition to being equipped with a fatigue driving monitoring system, it also provides complete vehicles. Equipped with Ankai's unique invention patented in-vehicle environmental management system, it has excellent performance in vehicle cooling, heating, fresh air ventilation, air purification, etc., reducing passenger fatigue during travel. In addition, many vehicles are also equipped with hard-core active safety technologies such as forward collision warning systems and lane departure warning systems, making travel more secure, worry-free and comfortable.

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Ankai Bus has always been committed to allowing passengers to travel happily, commuting with peace of mind, and guarding every section of the way passengers travel with Ankai with sophisticated quality and hard technology. At the same time, Ankai Bus actively improves the quality of the whole vehicle, optimizes the travel experience, and promotes the vigorous development of the passenger transportation industry with hard-core technology. In the future, Ankai will continue to work hard to protect the safety of passengers.

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