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Uruguayan customers praise Ankai buses


In the context of severe global carbon reduction, the creation of low carbon value for overseas companies is becoming a hot topic of widespread concern. With the development of global transportation greening, new energy vehicles have become the pioneer of global green travel.

In 2019, Canelones State of Uruguay introduced the first Ankai 8.5m pure electric bus. After more than two years of operating experience, Ankai pure electric bus not only harvested good comments from drivers, but also brought a new travel experience to local citizens with its outstanding environmental characteristics and high comfort of low noise and smooth operation.As a region where the new energy industry is booming, Uruguay, known as the "Switzerland of South America", has abundant electricity and strong environmental awareness, while the state of Canelones, as one of the main tourist areas in Uruguay, pays special attention to environmental protection and city image building. Ankai electric buses bring a different experience to the city.

Based on the good quality of high range and low electric consumption, as well as the strong technical system and service system, Ankai pure electric buses have been exported to Uruguay for three consecutive years since 2019. Through the deep cultivation of the local market and the continuous strengthening of the after-sales service network, Ankai's high quality products and excellent service have gained more and more trust from users, helping to boost the electrification of urban buses in Uruguay.

As the global auto industry is transforming to electrification, Ankai's advantages in the field of new energy buses will become a shining "Chinese business card" for bus export. At present, Ankai new energy buses have been exported to France, Italy, India, Israel and other countries, and the green wheels are driving to the world. Electrification is unstoppable, and Ankai buses are continuing to accelerate "going abroad", contributing Chinese power and Chinese wisdom to the world's green travel and better travel.

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