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Upgraded! 37 Ankai 3rd generation school buses come to Feixi


On December 9, 37 units of high quality Ankai special school buses were officially delivered to Feixi County School Bus Service Co., Ltd. The batch of school buses developed by Ankai is the third generation of special school bus, including S6 and S7 with different lengths of models which can ferry Feixi county students of different ages to and from school. The delivery of this batch of school buses will further enhance the service level of special school buses in Feixi County and escort the children with safer and more advanced technology level.

After years of development, the technical level of school buses in China has continued to improve, and the number of buses in Feixi County School Bus Service Co., Ltd. has also been rising. At present, the company has 73 professional school buses, benefiting about 3,000 elementary school students in the county. The batch of school buses use JAC special school bus chassis, the body is designed with professional closed ring skeleton structure, which greatly improves the safety of the bus. Not only that, the bus is also equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system, 360-degree panoramic surround-view system, all-round intelligent school bus management system and many other intelligent configurations. Advanced, intelligent technology configuration further enhances the safety performance of the bus, making it the first class school bus in China which is called "safety guardian".

In order to ensure that the school bus can better adapt to various road conditions in urban and rural areas of Feixi, Feixi School Bus Service Company also provided valuable suggestions for the upgrading of the batch of school buses based on its rich experience in operating school buses for many years. With the full communication between the two parties and Ankai's customized building, in the end, a professional school bus that is more exquisite, practical, and more suitable for Feixi road conditions and usage needs was born.

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As the "protection man" of children's travel from home to school, Ankai's third-generation school bus products have been fully upgraded to fully reassure parents, schools, and school bus companies. At present, Ankai school bus products cover 5.5 meters - 11 meters full series length segment, including S6 small, S7 medium, S9 large and other different series of products, can fully meet the use of transportation in primary school and kindergarten students.

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Safety bearing, innovation guard. Under the leadership of always adhering to the concept of high quality and precision manufacturing, Ankai bus will continue to uphold the core values of "respect for customers, quality-oriented, truth-seeking and pragmatic"core values, focus on research and development and technological innovation, and continuously improve product quality.Manufacture better products to serve the society, create greater value for customers, for students, for the masses to build more secure, good travel experience.

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