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Ankai A8 series luxury bus


The new appearance of A8 luxury bus is novel and magnificent. It takes full advantage of the monocoque technology to control the height of the vehicle effectively and widens the field of vision.

The A8 series buses is characterized by wide field of vision, humanized operation and good reliability, making drivers operate the bus smoothly and maintain in good driving condition at all times. With the digital instrument, air -suspension driver seat and reasonable cockpit layout ,the operation of the bus is smooth, safe and comfortable.

The Ankai A8 series bus is designed to provide the most satisfying and most comfortable environment for passengers. Its design is considerate and the vehicle facilities are designed according to ergonomics. Equipped with luxury seat with safety belt, air conditioning outlet, reading lamp and integral luggage rack,  the bus makes passengers feel more relieved and more comfortable.

The integral instrument console is high-end and luxurious in appearance, fashionable and beautiful in design, reasonable and within reach in the layout of control buttons , making it  easy and comfortable to drive the bus. The shift lever of the joystick is precise, the gear position is clear, the gear shifting is flexible and labor-saving, improving the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

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