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38 Units of Ankai Best K7 delivered to A’ba Prefecture


On November 4, 38 units of Ankai Best K7 high-end business travel buses were officially delivered to A’ba Jiuzhai Tourism Group (referred to as Dajiulv Group).

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After the delivery ,the buses will be put into operation in the Siguniang Mountain Scenic Area and Dagu Glacier Scenic Area in A’ba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. High-quality products will enhance the travel experience of tourists, promote the upgrading of A’ba Prefecture's global tourism, and promote the high-quality development of local tourism,and add more and more beautiful scenery to the local area. This batch order is the fruit of the strong cooperation between Ankai Bus and Dajiulv Group. With years of experience in the tourist passenger transport market and high-quality products manufactured by precision work, the Ankai high-end public business travel bus Best K7 successfully won the purchase order of Dajiulv Group.The addition of this batch of new buses will once again enhance the fleet capacity of the Dajiulv Group.

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Due to its special geographical location, A’ba Prefecture is full of plateaus and mountain valleys, with an average elevation of 3500-4000 meters. The highest elevation in the territory is 6,250 meters, the main peak of Mount Siguniang. The winter is cold and long, and the annual average temperature is low, and the overall road conditions are more complicated.The scenic operating route is even more curved and steep. Under such an extreme environment, bus operation is facing great challenges. In order to fully ensure the safety and adaptability of the bus, after receiving the order, the Ankai research and development team took active actions and went to A’ba Prefecture to conduct field investigations and conduct a comprehensive inspection and understanding of the bus operating routes, road conditions and overall operating environment. In the end, a special plan was customized in terms of body strength, braking reliability, etc. according to the research situation. Among them, for mountain road conditions, the chassis brake configuration was optimized, and measures such as leaf spring stiffness and retarder were specially added; for the problem of many corners, the body frame was strengthened and the body strength was improved in all directions. In addition, in response to the problem of low temperature in A’ba Prefecture, Ankai's research and development team further optimized the cold start and oil circuit insulation of the Best K7. From order research to drawing design, to review, improvement and vehicle manufacturing, Ankai bus is permeated with the concept of "customer first" high-quality bus manufacturing, highlighting the enterprise spirit of Ankai bus to pursue excellence by quality and contribute to the society by quality.

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For a long time, Ankai Best K7 has shown a strong momentum of development with its leading technical level and excellent performance. It has been favored by the tourism market in many places, and has gained a high degree of market recognition and a good reputation from users. As a high-end business travel bus with completely independent intellectual property rights, Best K7 has a high-end appearance, adopts a bus-like design concept, a stylish and atmospheric interior, and is equipped with high-end comfortable seats for more comfortable driving. The body structure has the characteristics of thinness, uniformity, lightness and strength, and has passed various extreme road conditions such as "extremly low/high temperature,high altitude,high humidity,and mountain road". The bus integrates safety, power and comfort, and is the first choice for the business travel market. This time, the Dajiulv Group "hands in" Ankai Bus, which will further meet the rapid flow of tourists in the scenic area and the demand for transportation, so that the passenger transportation capacity of the scenic area will be greatly improved. At the same time, the high-end Best K7 will also comprehensively enhance the brand image of the scenic area, inject new impetus into the scenic area to improve the quality of tourism services, and boost the high-quality development of A’ba Prefecture's global tourism.

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In the future, as the tourism industry enters a new period of development, Ankai Best K7 and the newly listed Best N7 will bring new experiences to China’s tourist passenger transport market with better quality and better performance. Help the tourism and transportation industry to meet a better future.

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