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Ankai wins five new energy Awards!


In the morning of September 18, the four-day 2020eb-pac national new energy bus performance evaluation competition came to an end in Chongqing. Ankai bus won five awards with excellent performance: Ankai hff6800g9ev22 won the 8-9 meter section energy saving award, driving continuation award and all-round Award; Ankai hff6120g9ev21 won the 11-12m section energy-saving award and driving continuation award.

The competition is jointly sponsored by the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of transport, bus branch of China highway society, urban passenger transport branch of China Road Transport Association, national bus quality supervision and inspection center, and Management Committee of Chongqing high tech Zone. As an authoritative competition in the field of new energy buses in China, the competition gathers the highest technology products of new energy buses in China to compete in the same competition, and is committed to promoting the technological progress of new energy vehicles. In order to test the real level of the participating vehicles, the evaluation competition selected the most representative actual operating conditions of public transport industry, focused on the technical performance of users concerned, and comprehensively evaluated the pure electric bus vehicles from the aspects of energy consumption level, driving range, power performance, comfort, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and safety and other technical parameters The industry shows the latest technology level.

Under the conditions of electric and intelligent global changes, Ankai bus is forging ahead, actively carrying out research and development in the field of new energy, and has achieved fruitful results. Relying on the two national R & D platforms of national electric bus system integration engineering technology research center and national local joint engineering research center of electric bus system development and application, Ankai has developed a full range of new energy products from 6m to 12M, and has formed a comprehensive layout of pure electric bus, plug-in hybrid electric bus, hydrogen fuel bus and driverless bus We have independently developed new energy core key components such as motor, electronic control, hub motor bridge, can bus system, battery management system, and have been applied in batch.

Up to now, Ankai has completed the development of four generation electric drive system, four generation vehicle control system and seven generation pure electric bus. The new energy bus has realized wide temperature range and commercialized operation in the whole region, and has made breakthrough achievements in energy consumption, safety, intelligence and efficiency. Ankai new energy buses are distributed in all provinces and cities of China and exported to many overseas countries, representing the new era .The highest level pure electric double deck open sightseeing bus in the field of energy bus has passed the EU certification, and has been exported to France, Italy and other countries.

Ankai won five awards in the national new energy bus performance evaluation competition, which is the result of Ankai's continuous efforts in the field of new energy for many years. It is a full affirmation of the quality of Ankai's new energy products, and once again shows Ankai's R & D level and product strength in the field of new energy.

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