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Ankai Bus wins two industry awards


On January 10th, the major event in the commercial vehicle field sponsored by the China Communications News Agency, the "2019 China Transport Service Model Bus Selection and Launch Conference" was grandly held in Beijing. More than a hundred representatives gathered to witness the birth of model Buses.

After offline preliminary evaluation, collective evaluation and other links, finally, with excellent product quality and good user reputation, Ankai Bus won two heavyweight honors: Ankai G6 pure electric bus was selected as the "urban and rural bus model" , Ankai A9 bus was selected as the " passenger line model", which adds glory and encouragement to Ankai on the road of quality and adherence to the new year.

The Ankai G6 pure electric bus, which was rated as a "model for urban and rural buses" this time, is exactly a small pure electric bus product that Ankai Bus has carefully developed for complex road conditions such as narrow rural roads, many slopes, and many curves. The exterior of the vehicle is designed in a cute style, with round and full lines and a spacious and bright interior space. The new electrified body structure design has high body strength and good passive safety performance. Mass production core technology guarantees low energy consumption of pure electric buses. At the same time, thanks to its small and exquisite body, the G6 has greater mobility than ordinary buses, and can be more flexible even when meeting on narrow urban and rural roads. The ground pass is very suitable for urban short-distance bus routes and town and village bus routes, and can provide a more convenient, safe, and comfortable travel experience for the general public.

In addition to "urban and rural buses", "high-quality travel" is also one of the important keywords of the passenger industry in recent years. As the consumption level of the people continues to increase, the requirements for transportation are getting higher and higher. Vehicles must not only meet the requirements of passengers' safety and comfort, high-end intelligence, and online value, but also respond to national calls for energy conservation, low carbon consumption, and environmental protection. In the passenger transport market, the demand for high-quality vehicles is becoming increasingly prominent.

The Ankai A9 bus, which was rated as a "model passenger line" this time, is Ankai's flagship in the field of luxury passenger buses. It integrates world-leading passenger bus technology and is oriented to high-end passenger transportation, business travel, group commuting, etc High-end models on the market.

As a high-end strategic model created by Ankai Bus, the A9 absorbs European aesthetics and craftsmanship. The overall style is elegant. It adopts various curved surface transitions to effectively reduce the shape resistance and friction resistance of the vehicle. Application of Ankai ’s unique gold power chain technology, next-generation digital integration technology, and high-tech safety technology to further improve the safety performance of the vehicle; the use of a unique in-vehicle environmental management system with a patent for invention, and cooling , Fresh air ventilation, air purification and other aspects have excellent performance, bringing high-end comfortable experience to passengers.

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