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30 Ankai buses are going to Saudi Arabia to serve local workers


Middle East countries have always been labor centers, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. Local migrant workers have been the main labor force in national development projects such as infrastructure construction, road and bridge construction. As early as the beginning of Ankai's internationalization strategy, Ankai focused its attention on the Middle East, continuously explored and understood the actual needs of local users through in-depth understanding of the Saudi market, and carried out targeted product design and development. The model of 30 buses launched this time is just the product with high cost performance developed and designed by Ankai according to the local labor market demand.

In May this year, another 700 Ankai buses set off in full capacity and embarked on the overseas service journey. It has become normalcy for Ankai bus to export to Saudi Arabia in large and batch order for so many years , and Ankai bus has become a positive practitioner of the "one belt and one way" initiative and a model of "made in China" to the world.

Nowadays, Ankai bus ,which has exported to Saudi Arabia nearly 10000 units, is one of the largest bus brands in Saudi Arabian market. Its products cover all fields such as school buses, city buses and high-end buses serving tourism and Hajj markets, and has become the main force in the field of ground public transportation in Saudi Arabia.

With the continuous expansion of sales volume and brand awareness in Saudi Arabia, Ankai bus has continuously strengthened the establishment of cooperative relationship with local customers, made efforts to build a perfect service system, provide users with all-round services, and realize long-term development by taking root in the local market. In Saudi Arabia, there is such a long-term service team stationed in the local area. The team members will be stationed in turn throughout the year to provide technical support at any time, solve various difficult problems, and ensure the normal operation of customers' vehicles.

It is understood that members of the service team have to stay in Saudi Arabia for seven or eight months every year. They overcome various maladjustments in the climate, environment and living habits, as well as the loneliness of leaving home and far away from their families and friends. They work hard every day in foreign lands to maintain and enhance the reputation of enterprises with high-quality services.

Around August every year, Saudi Arabia holds a Muslim pilgrimage, which is also the busiest time for the team members. In order to ensure the safety and comfort of Muslim pilgrimage around the world, all members of the group   come to work and are standby 24 hours a day. Once, at more than 2:00 a.m., the sleeping Ankai service staff was awakened by the phone. It turned out that a bus could not be started after refueling on the road. The driver had to call the Ankai service personnel for help. The members who received the call took emergency action and rushed to the fault location 30 kilometers away. After some inspection, it was found that the wiring harness of the safety switch of the rear compartment door was not in good contact, which led to the failure of the vehicle to start normally. They immediately replaced the rear compartment control switch. In only five minutes, they solved the urgent needs of customers and won the praise of drivers and passengers.

With excellent product quality, mature and perfect overseas service team experience, and dedication, Ankai bus has been unanimously recognized by Saudi customers and passengers, which also adds strength to layout of Ankai's overseas markets.

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