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Ankai's fourth-generation health system helps protect against epidemic


The current development situation of the coronavirus epidemic is still grim. With the resumption of production by major enterprises, the flow of people outside has gathered, increasing the risk of cross-infection. As one of the main forces of public transportation, passenger buses are closely related to people's lives. How to ensure safe ride under the epidemic situation has become a general concern.

In the face of the epidemic, Ankai Bus actively responded to the national call. With its strong R & D technology accumulation, the fourth-generation internal environmental health system was iteratively developed due to the situation. The system can not only quickly sterilize and disinfect, but also monitor the body temperature of the personnel, truly realize the "control" and "prevention" of the epidemic situation, and put a "N95 mask" on the passenger bus to create a safer, healthier and more comfortable mobile space for the occupants.

In response to the transmission characteristics of the new coronavirus, the fourth-generation internal environment system of Ankai innovatively combines dual-voltage electrostatic ionization air technology, positive and negative ion technology, micro-ozone sterilization technology, ultraviolet sterilization technology, and focus on "anti-" technology. These five level of technology cooperates with each other and efficiently interacts to realize the functions of ventilation and purification, sterilization and anti-virus, and real-time monitoring. It is like putting a "N95" medical mask on the passenger bus and putting on a medical isolation gown, Ankai Bus is committed to creating a "omnidirectional health and safety bus."

As a public transport, passenger buses have a large flow of people during operation, which can easily breed bacteria and accelerate the spread of viruses. Ankai's fourth-generation internal environment system's dual-voltage electrostatic ionized air technology plays a good role in prevention. Under the action of 5KV high-voltage electrostatic electrodes, harmful gases such as bacteria, viruses, dust, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene will be ionized, adsorbed and quickly killed, giving passengers a safe travel cabin.

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