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Helping fight against the epidemic Ankai Bus assists overseas partners


The recent unblocking of Wuhan represents important achievements in the prevention and control of epidemic situation in China, and at the same time, it also sends a positive anti-epidemic signal to the global. However, looking abroad, the epidemic situation has spread rapidly, the epidemic prevention materials are in short supply, and the situation is very grim. Ankai Bus is concerned about the safety of overseas customers, always paying attention to the progress of overseas epidemic prevention and control, and purchased a batch of masks, forehead thermometers and other anti-epidemic supplies to donate to overseas customers, to send overseas customers condolences and care from Chinese partners!

The latest statistics of the new coronavirus epidemic situation released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States show that as of 3:30 on the 9th, Beijing time, there have been more than 1.5 million confirmed cases worldwide. Among them, the outbreaks in Europe and the Americas are the most serious, and the number of diagnoses is still rising. Europe and the United States have become the storm center of the new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak.

The situation in Saudi Arabia, the main export country of Ankai buses, is not optimistic. Saudi Arabia ’s Minister of Health Rabia said that the highest number of confirmed cases in Saudi Arabia may reach 200,000. The World Health Organization said that the global epidemic has not yet reached its peak and the situation is still deteriorating.

With the increasingly severe epidemic situation overseas, masks and other epidemic prevention supplies have become a "hot commodity" in short supply, and "a shortage of epidemic prevention supplies" has appeared in many countries. It is understood that many countries such as the United States, Italy, and the United Kingdom have issued relevant policies to restrict the sales of masks, disinfectant hand sanitizers, and other epidemic prevention products. In order to help the rapid importation of epidemic prevention products, many countries have also issued policies to urgently reduce the tariffs on epidemic prevention materials.

According to some Ankai’s customers and overseas distributors, the supply of personal anti-epidemic products in their countries has been severely "cut off" and procurement has been difficult. Unable to do personal protection, there are great hidden dangers to health and safety in daily life and work. Many economic activities are forced to stop, which also has a great impact on the company's production and operation, and even more serious shutdowns and production.

Affected by the epidemic situation, the international waybills of anti-epidemic materials have surged. In addition, many countries have adopted control measures, and the logistics delivery is very difficult. After collecting information from customers in various countries, Ankai staff started to purchase materials and packaged and disinfected them. In addition, the staff also actively contacted the logistics company to track the dynamics of the package in real time to ensure that each "warm heart express" can be safely delivered to the customer.

As early as March 10th, Ankai International Marketing Company sent a batch of masks to customers in Italy, Britain and Bangladesh to help them get through the difficulties as soon as possible.

Recently, Ankai International Marketing Company once again organized the purchase of a batch of anti-epidemic materials, including personal protective equipment such as masks and forehead thermometers. They were donated to customers in 15 countries including Italy and the United Kingdom, which have serious epidemics, as well as Chile, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Mexico, Thailand, Mozambique, etc., to assist in epidemic prevention and control.

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