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    Ankai Double-decker Tourist Buses Arrive in Australia for Operation
    Recently, a batch of Ankai double-decker tourist buses arrived in Melbourne and several other cities in Australia for operation. As a sparsely populated country with vast land and natural beauty, Australia also boasts such internationally renowned cities as Sydney and Melbourne. With millions of inbound tourists every year, the country has well developed facilities for its tourism industry. To fur...
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    30 Ankai buses are going to Saudi Arabia to serve local workers
    Middle East countries have always been labor centers, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. Local migrant workers have been the main labor force in national development projects such as infrastructure construction, road and bridge construction. As early as the beginning of Ankai's internationalization strategy, Ankai focused its attention on the Middle East, continuously explored and understood the ac...
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    Ankai wins five new energy Awards!
    In the morning of September 18, the four-day 2020eb-pac national new energy bus performance evaluation competition came to an end in Chongqing. Ankai bus won five awards with excellent performance: Ankai hff6800g9ev22 won the 8-9 meter section energy saving award, driving continuation award and all-round Award; Ankai hff6120g9ev21 won the 11-12m section energy-saving award and driving continuation...
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    Ankai Bus wins two industry awards
    On January 10th, the major event in the commercial vehicle field sponsored by the China Communications News Agency, the "2019 China Transport Service Model Bus Selection and Launch Conference" was grandly held in Beijing. More than a hundred representatives gathered to witness the birth of model Buses. After offline preliminary evaluation, collective evaluation and other links, finally, with ...
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    Ankai's fourth-generation health system helps protect against epidemic
    The current development situation of the coronavirus epidemic is still grim. With the resumption of production by major enterprises, the flow of people outside has gathered, increasing the risk of cross-infection. As one of the main forces of public transportation, passenger buses are closely related to people's lives. How to ensure safe ride under the epidemic situation has become a general conce...
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    Helping fight against the epidemic Ankai Bus assists overseas partners
    The recent unblocking of Wuhan represents important achievements in the prevention and control of epidemic situation in China, and at the same time, it also sends a positive anti-epidemic signal to the global. However, looking abroad, the epidemic situation has spread rapidly, the epidemic prevention materials are in short supply, and the situation is very grim. Ankai Bus is concerned about the sa...
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    700 Units Ankai Buses to Arrive in Saudi Arabia for Operation
    On May 8, a grand ceremony was held at the production base of Ankai to mark the delivery of 700 units buses to Saudi Arabia. All the 700 units buses will arrive in Lianyungang and Zhangjiagang soon and then be shipped to Saudi Arabia. Despite the huge impact of COVID-19, the bus order made by the country fully demonstrates its recognition of and confidence in Ankai buses and coaches. Immediately a...
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    Along with the 2019 MLB World Series champion, Ankai once again conveyed the charm of Chinese manufacturing to the world
    On October 30, the 2019 Major League Baseball (MLB) Finals came to an end. The Washington Nationals successfully defeated the Houston Astros to win the 2019 MLB World Championship title in. This is the first time that the Nationals has won the World Series Championship in 95 years. Its wonderful performance and extraordinary record have made the entire United States boil for it. After the finals, ...
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