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Ankai A8 bus, a new driving experience


Recently, a batch of high-end A8 buses were formally delivered to Anhui Hongzhan Tourism Automobile Service Company, and the batch of buses helped to improve the level of passenger transportation services and continuously develop the business model.

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The delivered A8 buses are high-end products specially designed for medium and long-distance highway passenger transportation, group commuting, tourism leasing and other markets.

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The A8 bus adopts monocoque body structure technology, which can enhance the active safety of the bus and the safety coefficient of passengers, and also helps to reduce energy consumption and improve economy. The entire bus has a high-end and atmospheric appearance outlined by natural and smooth lines, with both a sense of fashion and a sense of technology, which has become a business card for refreshing the brand image.

The large-size windows provide a broader view of the landscape. Inside the A8, luxurious seats, air conditioning, reading lights, integral interior luggage racks and media playback system are available, and with the advanced interior environment management system, the air inside the car is always fresh and pleasant, creating a relaxing, healthy and comfortable space for the passengers . The bus also has excellent high-speed driving stability.

Based on the background of steady improvement of macro-economy and strong recovery of travel demand, Ankai bus will stimulate the vitality of the passenger transportation market with constantly enriched bus categories, convenient and efficient travel demand of the masses with constantly improved bus configurations, and help more passenger transportation enterprises to transform and upgrade.

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