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The A5 series luxury tourist bus


The A5 series luxury tourist bus is a rear-engine medium-sized bus specially built by Ankai for the tourism and passenger transportation market. It has the characteristics of low bus purchase cost, low use cost, and super cost-effective product characteristics.

The round and full overall modeling and the mighty and flexible body lines integrate both vigorousness and gentleness. The fashionable and dynamic headlamp and chrome-plated trim panels feature delicate transition and full integration and manifest the elegant style. The integrated windows provide a broader vision.

The driver zone design optimized as per ergonomic principle provides a convenient operating space for the driver. The dashboard features beautiful modeling and clear information. All switches and buttons are neatly arranged and easily accessible to ease the controls.

The interior upholstery features reasonable layout, extreme and natural simplicity, and simple, elegant, and harmonious tonality to build a warm and sweet atmosphere. The comfortable seat in good fit with human body curve enables you to experience a healthier and comfortable driving/riding space.

The integral chassis structure features reasonable layout and high safety and reliability. The front and rear axles with front disc and rear drum brakes guarantee high braking safety and reliability. The double-countershaft transmission with high-tooth gears realizes higher transmission efficiency, lower noise and vibration, and longer life. The air suspension with front two and rear four air springs improves the vehicle comfort.

The cathode electrophoresis for whole vehicle and the enhanced high-quality anti-rust coating adapt to the diversified weather conditions and improve the corrosion resistance of vehicle, featuring uniform paint film and super-strong resistance against salt fog and high humidity and temperature.

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