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High-quality public transportation sets up the ‘Happy Road’for urban and rural travel


Ankai bus of G6 model is put into  Route No.679 by Feixi Bus Co., Ltd.  Developed by Ankai Bus to meet the needs of urban and rural buses and urban shuttle markets, the electric minibus has successively won the honorary title of‘Urban and Rural Bus Model ’and‘Urban and Rural Bus Star’, with the advantages of economy, practicality, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and comfort. Fashionable, compact and cute exterior design with fresh and comfortable new interiors, while enhancing vehicle performance, it demonstrates the new style of green travel. Thanks to the body length of less than 6 meters, G6 has higher mobility than ordinary buses and is suitable for short-distance bus routes. The vehicle adopts the core technology of iterative R&D and mass production of drive motors based on the actual requirements of the product working conditions, ensuring low energy consumption in daily operations. Under the same road conditions, its comprehensive energy consumption is 5% lower than that of products of the same level, which help the operater reduce operation costs practically  and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

For many years in Feixi County, Ankai Bus has been cooperating with Feixi Public Transport for common development. In 2018, 65 units of Ankai new energy buses entered the Chengguan bus terminal; in 2019, 60 units of high-quality Ankai new energy buses were officially put into operation on newly opened and optimized town and village bus lines. Nowadays, high-quality Ankai new energy buses have become ‘convenient vehicles’for mass travel in Feixi County, and ‘through trains’for people's livelihood and happiness to a new height. Facing 2021, Ankai Bus will continue to join hands with customers to start again, accelerate technological innovation, and create more ‘comfortable, safe and convenient, green and environmentally friendly, and high-quality services’buses that satisfy the people.

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