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Batches of Ankai buses are put into operation in Jinhua bus lines.


At present, Jinhua is building a national forest city cluster in Jinyi metropolitan area, Zhejiang Province."Urban development, public transport first!" In order to improve the travel conditions of citizens and enhance the city’s green and civilized image, Jinhua Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. has been continuously improving the construction of Jinhua’s urban public transport system for decades.

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Jinhua Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned passenger transport enterprise integrating public welfare and service. Its first line was opened in 1977, and currently there are more than 1,200 operating buses and 202 operating lines.The annual mileage is 60 million kilometers and the annual passenger volume is 100 million.

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In order to continue to promote the development of urban transportation construction, after "every village is connected to buses", Jinhua Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. has continued to improve the layout of urban and rural lines in recent years, connecting and opening up the "last kilometer". In order to provide high-quality travel services to local citizens, Jinhua Public Transport has always paid great attention to the improvement of bus operation quality.After many tests, Ankai buses’ good market reputation and excellent product strength in the passenger transportation industry have been recognized by Jinhua Public Transport Group.

Since 2013, Jinhua Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. has purchased a number of Ankai buses.In the first half of this year, Jinhua Public Transport Group purchased the Ankai G7 and G9 buses.Recently, the brand-new Ankai G7 and G9 buses were officially put into operation of Jinhua’s bus lines. This will further help to the construction of urban and rural lines and improve the happiness of urban and rural residents.

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As the leading product of Ankai bus in the rural bus market, G7 has a body length of 6.6 meters and a width of 2.25 meters, which can easily shuttle through various urban and rural roads.The violet body of Jinhua bus is very beautiful and eye-catching. The carefully manufactured G7 has many advantages such as flexibility, high economy, and strong reliability. It has become the first choice for the urban and rural public transport markets.

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Ankai G9 bus is a combination of elegant appearance and refined quality. The buses have full lines and stylish shape.The blue and white body is matched with wave patterns, which is pleasing to the eye.The monocoque body structure is safer and more durable, and it adopts pure electric drive to achieve zero emission and pollution.The overall body is flexible and lightweight, and the interior is warm and comfortable, which meets the operational needs of different passenger transportation scenarios and greatly improves the happiness of citizens when traveling.

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For many years, Ankai buses have been assisting the development of urban and rural transportation with high-quality products.In terms of appearance design and overall performance, Ankai buses are in line with the green development needs of modern urban public transportation. It will better assist the upgrade of Jinhua's urban public transportation system in the future.

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