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Ankai school bus heads to Pacific island countries


Micronesia means "small island archipelago", located in the central Pacific Ocean, most of which are located north of the equator, with a total land area of 2,584 square kilometers. Recently, 4 Ankai school buses are ready to be shipped to Micronesia to serve local students to and from school.

At present, Ankai school bus has covered a full range of lengths of 5.5-11 meters, covering the series of middle, small, and preschool students. Ankai’s school bus products strive for perfection from the body frame material to the design process, and adopt industry-leading technology to achieve a comprehensive optimization of active and passive safety, providing multiple guarantees for the safety of students and vehicles. At the same time, it integrates various core advantages and resources. The school bus has passed performance tests such as power, economy, and braking, and completed the reliability verification of 6,000 kilometers, ensuring the safety and reliability of the vehicle. Today, Ankai’s school bus products have covered all provinces and cities across the country, bringing comfortable and safe commuting to children everywhere.

It is reported that Ankai’s third-generation school bus product integrates Ankai’s years of scientific and technological achievements. In addition to the application of Ankai’s patented technology for the body frame, it is also equipped with an ABS anti-lock braking system, a 360° panoramic view system, and a background video surveillance system. , All-round intelligent school bus management system and many other intelligent configurations ensure that its safety is completely ahead of the same level of products, and it has become the highest standard "safety guard" among domestic school buses.

Ankai Bus is one of the national school bus standards-setting enterprises, and it is the first batch of enterprises that have the qualification to produce school buses approved by the country. After more than ten years of intensive cultivation in the field of school buses, Ankai has spared no effort to improve the safety performance and product quality of school buses in an all-round way, providing multiple safety guarantees for school children.

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