double decker travel bus
Ankai double-decker bus ready to depart for Australia


Recently, three Ankai double-decker buses will be delivered to Australian customer. The design of this model is derived from European style. It is 12.5 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 4.2 meters high. Equipped with 80 seats on two floorswith fashionable and brief appearance, It is a classic model of Ankai high-end sightseeing bus. The lower edge of the front wall of the vehicle adopts a reversible opening and closing structure design, which provides great convenience for customer’s daily use and maintainence .

Ankai double-decker bus adopts the patented double-decker bus monocoque body to provide the most comprehensive safety guarantee for passengers. High strength steel body structure and closed ring framework are designed to build a solid "steel reinforced and iron bone" body for Ankai double-decker bus, so as to minimize the deformation of the body frame in case of collision and create a safe space for passengers in the bus.

If high-rise buildings constitute the skyline of a city, then the double-decker bus is the most beautiful mobile landscape in the city. In many roles of urban public transport operation, double-decker bus has always been a very popular existence. Compared with the traditional bus model, double-decker bus has the characteristics of large capacity, less loss, environmental-friendly and economic, with good image and tourism function.

From London, Paris, Auckland, Washington, Italy to Cape Town, Dubai, UAE You can see the shadow of these double-decker buses. Double -decker open top bus can not only bring a different experience for city sightseeing and bus commuting, but also become an irreplaceable cultural symbol of some international metropolises. Imagine riding an Ankai double-decker open top bus and enjoying the breeze. This comfortable and poetic experience makes the journey full of happiness.

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