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‘Upgrade’county-level passenger transport! 20 Ankai A9 high-end buses delivered to customers


On February 2, 2021, 20 units of Ankai A9 high-end buses were delivered to Anhui Changfeng County Urban and Rural Public Transport Group Co., Ltd. (‘Changfeng Public Transport Group’ for short), and will be successively put into operation on the city and county passenger line from Changfeng to Hefei. This marks the passenger line of Changfeng County is developing in the direction of high-end, comfort and convenience. For Changfeng County, the delivery of 20 units

Of Ankai A9 high-end passenger buses is another masterpiece that will benefit the people and will promote the upgrading of passenger transportation , and a new journey for the construction of a beautiful Changfeng has begun.

It is understood that Changfeng Bus Group was established in November 2018, and its business scope includes urban public transport, urban and rural public transport, bus leasing, passenger terminal operation, and motor vehicle maintenance. For a long time, Changfeng Public Transport Group has continuously adjusted and improved its bus passenger transport network in accordance with passenger flow rules and road conditions. It has successively opened and operated 69 bus lines, invested 369 bus passenger vehicles, and has a daily passenger flow of approximately 20,000, covering 14 towns and one development zone,which realizes the seamless connection between the county seat and the bus passenger line of Hefei urban area.

At the same time, in order to build a scientific and reasonable bus passenger transport line network system, rationally allocate traffic resources, and improve operational efficiency, on the basis of improving the line network, Changfeng Public Transport Group has also implemented a series of line network optimization measures, and timely provide newly opened and extended bus lines for administrative villages or  natural villages with dense population, continued to expand the scope of urban and rural bus services, and completed the task of the Hefei Municipal Government to achieve 100% of the administrative village public transport rate in 2020.


In addition, based on the level of economic development and passenger flow, Changfeng Bus Group is also actively exploring new modes of bus operation, such as customized buses, scheduled buses, park buses, etc., to meet the diverse travel needs of the people. In the development of county-level passenger lines, Changfeng Bus Group has also continued to innovate based on actual conditions. In addition to taking the lead in selecting luxury buses, it has also set up several stops on the line to pick up and drop off passengers, providing travel sevice with more convenience, safety , comfort and warmness to the public.

Undoubtedly, the development of Changfeng County in Anhui Province has been fully developed. With the integration of Ankai A9 high-end buses, urban resources will be further extended to the county and rural areas, significantly enhancing the happiness and sense of acquisition of people’s good travel.


In addition, Ankai A9 also uses a unique invention patented in-vehicle environmental management system, which has excellent performance in vehicle cooling, heating, fresh air ventilation, air purification, etc., and can automatically replace the air inside and outside the vehicle; New sound insulation materials and vibration reduction and noise reduction technology can truly realize the cabin mute; the double A-shaped arm independent air suspension reduces the vibration frequency of the vehicle body, effectively attenuates the bumps caused by uneven road surfaces, and greatly improves the driving comfort.

Up to now, Ankai A9 has won widespread favor in domestic and foreign markets. It not only continuously serves many major national events such as the National Two Sessions and the ‘Belt and Road’ Summit Forum, but also exports more than 1,200 vehicles to Saudi Arabia, becoming the high-end coach with largest market share in Saudi Arabia,which sets a model for Chinese buses to go global. In addition, there are Ankai A9 in the Philippines, Russia, Israel and other places.

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