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Run for ‘carbon neutrality’, Ankai deeply cultivates green travel


On March 15, a sandstorm with the strongest intensity and widest range in the past 10 years swept across many parts of northern China. The overwhelming hurricane yellow sand envelops Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Hebei, Gansu and other places, causing serious impacts on the local environment and the production and life of residents.

Sudden dust storms will sound the alarm again, and environmental protection is an urgent task and a long way to go. In September 2020, China announced to the world the goal of achieving a carbon peak by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. This year’s National Two Sessions, the government work report proposed for the first time ‘carbon peak‘ and ’carbon neutral‘, and formulated an action plan for carbon emissions peaking by 2030, further demonstrating China’s determination to implement new development concepts and build a clean and beautiful world.


Climate change is a global problem facing mankind. With the emission of carbon dioxide in various countries, greenhouse gases have soared, posing a threat to life systems. In this context, countries in the world reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the form of a global agreement, and China has therefore proposed carbon peak and carbon neutral goals.With the rapid economic and social development, industrialization and urbanization, the transportation sector, as a ‘big carbon emitter’, has always been the focus of national carbon neutral actions.

As the earliest enterprise in China to develop and mass-operate electric buses, Ankai Bus actively responds to the national goal of ‘carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2060’, and has been in-depth advocating and insisting on practicing low-carbon emission reduction and green travel. , To achieve corporate energy saving and emission reduction through green enabling technology, production and operation, and contribute to Ankai's strength to respond to global climate change and build a beautiful China and a beautiful world.

Relying on the industry’s only national R&D platforms such as ‘National Electric Bus System Integration Engineering Technology Research Center’ and ‘Electric Bus System Development and Application National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center’, Ankai has continued to strengthen R&D investment and deep cultivation for many years New energy technology innovation. At present, in the field of new energy, a comprehensive layout of pure electric buses, plug-in hybrid buses and hydrogen fuel cell buses has been formed. With more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, intelligent and comfortable, safe and reliable high-quality passenger bus products, it will serve the world Public transportation everywhere injects the ‘new energy‘of sustainable development.


Based on market demand, Ankai's new energy buses cover models of various lengths ranging from 6 to 12 meters, including buses, commuter buses, public commercial vehicles, tourist vehicles and other product series, which can fully meet the diversification of different cities and users bus demand.

Nowadays, batches of Ankai new energy buses have been put into operation in various cities across the country. They have played a positive role in alleviating urban traffic congestion, improving citizens’ travel conditions, and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. They have good economic and social benefits. In the future, Ankai Bus will continue to implement the new development concept, accelerate the development and promotion of clean energy products, strengthen carbon emission reduction, and strive to build new energy high-quality buses, so that people all over the world can actively choose green travel and enjoy a quality travel!

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