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Implement "double carbon" target, and strengthen new energy buses!


In order to further build a platform for communication and win-win cooperation between production and demand of auto parts manufacturing enterprises, and to promote the high-quality development of auto industry in Anhui Province, the 2021 Anhui Auto and Parts Production and Demand Matchmaking Meeting was held in Ningguo city on December 10.

With the theme of "Link New Energy, Embrace New Ecology", the matchmaking event aimed to implement the major decision and deployment of carbon peak and carbon neutral, and highlight the trend of new energy vehicle development. The exhibition and display of the event was combined online and offline, with a physical exhibition area and a digital exhibition hall. Among them, Ankai bus and G6 pure electric bus appeared in the physical exhibition area, which fully interpreted intelligent travel, green travel and safe travel, and fully demonstrated the leading technology of Ankai in the field of new energy, which was paid attention by many participants.

As the star model of Ankai in the field of new energy bus, Ankai G6 pure electric bus has multiple advantages such as safety and reliability, high efficiency and energy saving, and intelligent control. It adopts high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous electric drive system and lithium iron phosphate power battery.And through the intelligent management of bus control, motor drive and energy management and the precise optimization of control strategy,it can make the bus achieve the best balance of power, economy and comfort. At the same time, the bus has six levels of safety and security control system, fully guaranteeing the safety of the high-voltage system, which can bring users green and convenient new energy bus travel services with hard-core technology.

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In the process of technological innovation assisting the development of the passenger bus industry, the trend of electrification, intelligence, and connectivity of passenger buses is extremely unstoppable. Among them, new energy buses are at a critical stage of accelerating the layout of the industry, becoming a booster for the in-depth transformation of the passenger bus industry, and are seizing the commanding heights of future passenger bus development. Ankai bus makes full use of the existing national research and development platform, and has continued to increase research and development investment platform, and has formed a comprehensive layout of pure electric buses and hydrogen fuel cell buses. With safer, more comfortable, greener and convenient ride experience, Ankai new energy buses have footprints all over the world.

pure electric bus

By using green low-carbon technology to achieve energy saving and emission reduction in the whole chain of production and operation, Ankai Bus has taken a firm step from "commitment to responsibility" to "action" on the road of implementing the "double carbon" goal with green innovative technology and practical actions. To promote the industry-wide low-carbon and high-quality development and build a new green ecological civilization, Ankai will continue to contribute tits strength.

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