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How to transform road passenger transport to achieve new development?


Recently, the 2019-2020 annual meeting and commendation meeting of the Local Passenger Transport Cooperation Committee of the China Transport Association was held in Hefei city, Anhui province. Zhang Chunzhi, Vice President of the China Transport Association, Wang Junguo, Chairman of the Passenger Committee of the China Transport Association, and Ankai Bus General Manager Cha Baoying, and more than 150 representatives of road passenger transport companies from various provinces and cities across the country attended the meeting to discuss new ideas for the transformation and development of the passenger transport industry in order to achieve sustainable development of the industry.

As a bus manufacturer that continues to deepen the field of passenger transportation, Ankai Bus and participating companies actively contribute to the development of the industry, and bring Ankai new technologies, new products, and new solutions to better fit the new development situation of the passenger transportation market. Technology and products provide support for the transformation and development of the industry, and use actions to lead the innovation and transformation of the industry and achieve new breakthroughs.

In recent years, with the rapid rise of high-speed railways and private cars, the road passenger transportation industry is facing severe challenges. The transformation and upgrading of the industry has become a major topic discussed by the industry. Together with the impact of this year's epidemic, it has brought new challenges to the industry. How to transform and change road passenger transportation? At the meeting, industry experts and local transportation companies actively made suggestions . For example, customized passenger operation is an important way to meet people's higher travel standards and diversified travel needs, and is considered to be one of the main directions to achieve passenger-based upgrades.

In addition, the integration of urban and rural transportation, the transformation path and direction of public transportation transformation of passenger transport enterprises such as town and village buses, intercity buses, and tourist buses, as well as the in-depth innovative development of the integration of “travel and transportation” such as tourist through buses, scenic sightseeing buses, and tourist chartered buses , Has also become an important way to promote industry transformation. As a provider of passenger transportation products and solutions, Ankai Bus also continuously participates in the wave of passenger transportation through technology research and development and product improvement. In addition, it has carried out a series of product line layout and technical service upgrades for the integration of "traffic and travel", urban and rural passenger transport, and customized passenger transport, contributing to the sustainable development of the industry "Ankai Power".

At the event, A9, A8, A6, A5, K8, G9, G6, and BEST K7 brought by Ankai Bus brought extensive attention and high praise from various road transportation companies.

Ankai A6, A5 and other hot-selling models in the market are widely used in various market segments such as short- and medium-distance passenger transportation, tourism, group commuting, etc. through high-quality manufacturing and good power and economy, and have become a "weapon for industry transformation and upgrading." . In particular, A5 is even more regarded as the first choice for the "big to small" transformation of the passenger travel market.

As a high-end business and business travel model with completely independent intellectual property rights, BEST K7 not only frequently appears on various important national occasions, it has been given the reputation of "national bus model" and "national veteran", and it is also widely used in Customized market segments such as high-end tourism and high-end business reception.

As Ankai’s leading work in the field of luxury buses, A9 integrates world-leading technology. It not only has a high-end and atmospheric design, which is fully in line with the high-end market positioning, but also applies leading lightweight technology and is equipped with a golden power chain to fully guarantee While driving and occupants are safe, it creates greater value for users with fuel consumption lower than 5% of similar products. At present, A9 is not only widely used in the domestic high-end tourist passenger transport market, but also sold in large quantities overseas, becoming a model of Chinese manufacturing "going to sea".

In addition, the front-mounted minibus model K8, which is perfectly suitable for rural passenger transport and urban and rural passenger transport markets, and the Ankai G6 pure electric bus, known as the "urban and rural bus star", have also played an important role in the integrated development of urban and rural transportation. Not only has it effectively solved the problem of urban and rural passenger transportation such as "the big bus is not fully occupied while the small bus is overloaded", but also the more fashionable and higher-quality models have been built to improve the appearance and service level of urban and rural public transportation.

The road of passenger transportation has a long way to go. The industry is actively exploring and constantly innovating. As a member of the transportation industry, Ankai Bus also shoulders corporate responsibility and continuously provides new solutions and new ideas for the industry with its product and technical strength. In the future, Ankai Bus will continue to closely follow the strategy of building a strong transportation country, combine the actual situation of the impact of the epidemic, actively innovate and seek change, lead and promote the high-quality development of the industry with quality.

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