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Highest score! Ankai won the super five-star safety certification of China Bus Safety Evaluation Management Center


On September 20th, China Bus Safety Evaluation Management Center released the second batch of evaluation results of “China Safety Coach Assessment Programme (C-SCAP)”. Among all the bus companies involved in the evaluation, Ankai A9 ranked first with 98.87 total points. The results of the C-SCAP super five-star safety evaluation (★★★★★☆), which is the highest score since the C-SCAP assessment began, Ankai A9 has become a veritable king of passenger bus safety.

China Safety Coach Assessment Programme (C-SCAP) is the world's first safety passenger bus evaluation standard. It is jointly organized by China Highway Society Bus Branch, Chongqing Vehicle Inspection and Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Communications News, and Tsinghua University (Automotive Engineering Department). The establishment of the China Bus Safety Evaluation Management Center was launched. Since its official implementation in 2017, with the requirements of “more stringent than the existing mandatory standards in China”, the vehicle has been tested for safety performance, and the safety performance of passenger bus products has been visually displayed through quantitative scores, and it has gradually become the recognized authority of the public. Fair Chinese passenger bus safety performance evaluation system.

From the four dimensions of brake safety, stability and safety, structural safety and protection safety, C-SCAP selects the key items that best represent the safety performance of passenger buses and conducts all-round evaluation. The total test score of the participating vehicles will correspond to different star ratings, the lowest star rating is one star, and the highest star rating is super five stars.

Under the most stringent C-SCAP standards in China, Ankai A9 has completed the rollover, ESC, LDW, and interior materials flame retardant properties, and all of them have received full marks. The scores of other projects are above 90%. It is worth mentioning that in the evaluation of the superstructure strength project (rollover test), the Ankai A9 is the only model with a score of more than 90%, creating the highest score since the test.

After completing all project evaluations, Ankai A9 won the C-SCAP super five-star safety evaluation with a total score of 98.87. The results of this evaluation show the excellent quality and safety performance of Ankai A9 fairly and objectively, which shows that the safety performance level of Ankai A9 has far exceeded the national standard requirements and is at the leading level in the industry.

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