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Anqing Public Transport Group purchases pure electric buses


Recently, the first batch of 10 units Ankai G9 series pure electric buses were delivered and neatly arranged in the bus hub at the railway station. The body colour echoes the blue sky, with a length of 10.50m, 27 seats and a rated passenger capacity of 95 people. The maximum height of the side window glass can reach 140mm, which provides passengers with a safer, more spacious and comfortable riding environment.

pure electric buses

Highlight 1: The body craft is more advanced. The fully unique monocoque body technology, the body adopts the unique monocoque manufacturing process from Germany, with strong passive safety. The bus has a long wheelbase and large power, making it more spacious, comfortable and pleasant to travel in, with excellent aesthetics.

Highlight 2: Leading technology is more energy efficient.The EBS system, based on the energy recovery status, maximises energy recovery from braking; the battery is lightweight, using higher energy density lithium iron phosphate batteries, lighter in weight; the accessories are lightweight, the seats, interior trim and air conditioning all adopt high-tech innovative design, ultra-low energy consumption.

Highlight 3: Multiple protection for more safety.

Highlight 4: Humanized design is more intimate. Shock-absorbing driving seat, the cab is equipped with hydraulic shock-absorbing driver's seat, no clutch and gear operation, reducing the labour intensity of the driver, safe and comfortable. Alipay and WeChat second payment, the car is upgraded with a card payment system for ticket purchase, passengers can pay by mobile phone through Alipay and WeChat second payment. USB fast charging interface, the car is equipped with multiple USB charging ports for passengers to enjoy at any time.

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