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Ankai Electric Buses Designated as Carriers for 2022 Huangshan Bus Driver Competition


On October 14, 2022 Huangshan Bus Driver Competition, which aims to raise bus drivers’ safety awareness and improve their driving skills, officially kicked off in Tunxi District, Huangshan. A total number of 34 bus drivers participated in the competition. Ankai electric buses were designated as the carriers for the event.

According to the organizing committee, all participants of the competition are required to go through a series of theoretical and practical tests.

“Ankai electric buses are extremely maneuverable”, said one bus driver in the competition. The statement is unanimously acknowledged by all participants. Generating minimal noise and achieving superb environmental friendliness, Ankai electric buses also make urban travel and commuting more enjoyable for passengers.

Currently, over 40 units Ankai electric buses measuring 8.5-meter or 10.5-meter in length are working smoothly in Huangshan, playing a vital role in local residents’ daily lives.

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