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Ankai A8 bus delivery to Nanjing


On October 9th, a batch of Ankai A8 buses were officially delivered to Nanjing Jeli Passenger Transport Co., LTD.

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The Ankai A8 buses delivered this time have a high-end appearance, exquisite and luxurious interior, novel and atmospheric, natural and smooth lines, and a sense of fashion and technology. With large-size windows, the bus offers a bright space and brings amazing visual enjoyment to passengers.

The bus is equipped with an advanced interior environment management system, which keeps the air inside the bus fresh and pleasant, creating a healthy, comfortable and cozy riding space for passengers. At the same time, the large luggage compartment volume, luggage access is more convenient, easy to accommodate travellers on business trips, travel with suitcases and other items, and more comfortable.

A8 bus

The bus also has excellent high-speed stability, using the unique golden power chain, front collision protection and other advanced technologies. In addition, the application of a series of high-level safety technologies, such as intelligent management, fatigue driving warning, tire pressure monitoring, panoramic surround view, etc., enables the vehicle's operating status, real-time location, safety conditions and other information at a glance, so that the Ankai A8 is full of science and technology and pulls a full sense of security, and has become a benchmark for high-end tourism, group commuting and passenger transportation market.

In order to better adapt to the new development of the tourism market, Ankai bus, with years of experience in the tourism passenger transportation market, insists on bringing a new face to the passenger transportation market with high-end routes and high-quality products, creating a new experience for passengers and boosting the high-quality development of the industry.

In the future, Ankai bus will continue to provide passengers with high-standard travel services with high-quality products, and provide more professional and high-quality high-end operation solutions for the quality upgrading of passenger transport enterprises, so as to create greater value for customers.

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