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Sales of new energy buses in 2020 increases by 18.65% year-on-year! Ankai Bus Goes Against the Trend, Stable and Improved


The China passenger bus industry in 2020 will be more difficult than in previous years. According to the latest data from China Bus Statistics Information Network, in 2020, the industry sold a total of 150,637 buses over 5 meters, a year-on-year decrease of 20.75%, which again confirmed that 2020 is really an ‘unusual’ year.

The Covid-19 epidemic is raging around the world, and the passenger bus market is even worse. However, Ankai Bus bucked the trend and handed over 5605 passenger buses for the year, including 2799 new energy buses, an impressive year-on-year increase of 18.65%. It is particularly worth mentioning that in December 2020, Ankai's sales of new energy buses increased by 404.55% year-on-year, ranking first in the industry.

Focus on the present and plan for the future with a forward-looking vision

In 2020, the traces of Ankai's vision and prospects have been clearly recorded, adding new connotations to Chinese bus manufacturing and bringing more possibilities for travel.

The era of smart travel has begun. Based on the frequent promulgation of favorable policies in the intelligent transportation industry during the ‘13th Five-Year Plan’, the intelligent transportation market continues to maintain a vigorous development trend. At the same time, the rapid development of new transportation infrastructure technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, autonomous driving, 5G, new energy, and automatic charging will drive the shaping and mature development of intelligent transportation and smart cities. Feeling the call of the mission of the times, Ankai Bus has deeply rooted the dream of intelligence-drive in the heart, boldly foreseeing and moving forward bravely.

In 2020, Ankai self-driving buses continued to show hardcore transcripts. On June 23, Ankai driverless buses formally ‘started’ in Tianjin Haihe Education Park. On June 29, at the Ankai Bus New Energy R&D Center in Baohe Economic Development Zone, Ankai driverless buses were on the test section Testing.On September 3, Ankai's first 5G line was opened and Ankai driverless buses were put into operation on open roads. On September 4, Ankai bus was awarded the first batch of driverless test licenses in Anhui, promoting driverless driving The application of technology in real scenarios. In October, Macau’s first driverless bus was officially launched, and the driverless bus from Ankai Bus started trial operation at the University of Macau, accelerating the construction of a smart city in Macau.

With strong product strength and excellent operational performance, Ankai driverless buses have won wide recognition from users and the market, and successively won the ‘Technology Leadership Award’and ‘2020 Internet of Vehicles Innovative Products’ ,‘The King of Intelligent Driving Bus 2020’in the first China International Intelligent Driving Commercial Vehicle Competition.  .

Constantly breaking through the technological limits and constantly achieving new leaps, Ankai Bus has never stopped in the field of unmanned driving. At present, Ankai driverless buses have been put into operation in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Zhangjiajie, Tianjin, Hefei, Macau and other cities and exported to Japan.

With high quality as the ‘engine’,Good news at home and abroad

The nourishment and accumulation of time, the speed and passion of development, continue to turn into orders one by one,and constitute Ankai Bus's unique 2020 year,  supporting the vision and the future.

In the domestic market, Ankai Bus won a large order of 89 units G9 pure electric buses in Changzhi, Shanxi at the beginning of 2020, and continued to make efforts. G9 pure electric buses were also put into operation in batches in Huaibei, Chuzhou, Yantai, Shandong, and Dalian, Liaoning. Electric buses provide high-quality support for the construction of public transportation networks in various cities, convenience for the people, and environmentally friendly travel.

In July, 50 units of Ankai G6 were put into operation in Guangzhou as an urban microcirculation pure electric bus, providing safe, economic, comfortable and convenient travel services for the general public, effectively solving the ‘last mile’travel problem.

In September, Ankai Bus A9 high-end models were delivered in batches to Guizhou Kaiyun Group, helping to transport boutiques in Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province.

In November, 202 units of Ankai 10.5-meter, 8.5-meter and 6.5-meter pure electric buses were put into operation in Lingbi County, Suzhou City, Anhui Province, which not only strongly promoted the full opening of Lingbi County’s urban and rural bus lines, but also took advantage of the high number of vehicles. The quality and large capacity have achieved a comprehensive upgrade of the local public transportation system, helping the government to better complete the construction of the ‘Village to Village’people's livelihood project.

In December, Ankai Bus A9 high-end models were delivered in batches to Fujian Tianma International Travel Transportation Co., Ltd., which further improved the company's transportation capacity and service quality and helped the tourism passenger transport market to develop in a healthy and sustainable manner.

In overseas markets, Ankai Bus also performed well.

On January 5, 25 Ankai natural gas buses were officially delivered to Chihuahua City, Mexico, becoming the first Chinese brand buses introduced locally. The delivery of this batch of buses is not only another fruit that Ankai Bus has made in the international market for many years, but also a testimony to the continuous deepening of cooperation between China and Mexico and a strong proof that Chinese buses are traveling the world.

On May 8th, 700 Ankai buses were officially sent to Saudi Arabia, becoming another large order for Ankai buses in Saudi Arabia for many years. At present, Ankai buses have exported more than 10,000 buses to Saudi Arabia, becoming the largest passenger bus brand in Saudi Arabian market.

Recalling the past is to inspire to move forward better while Looking

into the future can be more vigorously motivated. The ‘13th Five-Year Plan’has came to a successful conclusion, and the ‘14th Five-Year Plan’ was comprehensively drawn. Facing the future, Ankai Bus will continue to give full play to its corporate responsibilities , keep its mission in mind, ride the wind and waves, innovate and develop, striving to make new achievements.

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