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‘Green bus’ enters Ram city to help build a high-quality ‘transit city’


With the popularization of public transportation priority and green travel concepts, the process of new energy for urban public transportation has been accelerating. Recently, 13 units of Ankai pure electric A6 buses were officially launched in Guangzhou and put into operation on the 769 bus line. As an important partner of Ankai Bus for many years, Guangzhou First City Bus Co., Ltd purchased a batch of pure electric G6 and pure electric A6 buses from Ankai at the end of 2020 to efficiently serve the "Guangzhou neighborhood" quality travel.

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The electric A6 bus in operation is a value model model developed by Ankai to meet the needs of the domestic short-distance passenger transport, tourism, group, and leasing market. It has a simple and elegant appearance, warm and comfortable interior, and is equipped with ergonomic seats, air-conditioning vents, reading lights, integrated luggage racks and other rich humanized devices to effectively meet the individual and diversified needs of passengers. Compared with traditional buses, this batch of vehicles has 48 seats and is about 11 meters long. The interior space is larger and more transparent, and the field of vision is wider. The seats are equipped with seat belts and backrest armrests, and video surveillance is fully covered. , Driving is safer; adopting pure electric drive, light start, stable driving, low noise, zero emission, clean and tidy cabin environment and smooth and quiet riding experience are impressive.

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The advanced Ankai internal environmental management system can not only help improve the air quality in the car, keep it fresh and clean, but also support NVH silent technology in all directions, and achieve optimized control in terms of sound insulation, noise reduction and vibration reduction, and provide passengers with healthier and better quality ride experience.

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A6 has a series of high-tech intelligent safety technologies such as Ankai intelligent management, front collision protection, fatigue driving warning, tire pressure monitoring, panoramic view, lane departure and front collision warning system, and its safety performance has reached the leading domestic level,which ensures the safety of drivers and passengers.

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Ankai G6, which has won the two awards of "Urban and Rural Bus Model" and "Urban and Rural Bus Star", is a small pure electric bus developed by Ankai Bus to meet the needs of urban and rural buses and the urban microcirculation market.The bus is stylish and beautiful, with red and orange colors matching lively and eye-catching. The square-based cute and cheerful shape design is very friendly and attractive. Its body length is less than 6 meters, and it has higher mobility than ordinary buses. Driving on narrow and complex roads such as roads in cities and villages, it is very suitable for urban short-distance buses and village and town bus routes.The extended wheelbase design maximizes the passenger space, and rationally plans each square inch to make the whole vehicle more spacious and comfortable; the secondary pedal and the front and middle door opening design of the body enable passengers to quickly get on and off the vehicle, which is convenient for transfer and transfer. The operation in cities with large bus passenger volume is very friendly; the facilities in the carriage are humanized, and the optimized armrests are comfortable to grip and have better force, so that standing passengers are not easy to feel tired.G6 adopts the core technology of iterative R&D and mass production of drive motors based on the actual requirements of product working conditions, ensuring low energy consumption in daily operations of vehicles, and its comprehensive energy consumption is 5% lower than that of products of the same level, effectively reducing operating costs. In addition, the new electric and lightweight body structure design makes the body high in strength and has good passive safety performance; it has strong power and can meet high-intensity driving throughout the day, and is more energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly.

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These Ankai“convenient small buses”have short distances, fast speeds, and high density. In the first month of opening, the passenger volume reached about 140,000. The operation was stable and good. It effectively solved the problem of the“last mile”of citizens’travel and was well received by the community. Liked by the residents!

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From the renewal of urban pure electric buses, to the creation of subway connections and regional microcirculation "convenient small buses", Guangzhou First Citybus has partnered with Ankai Bus to accurately match the service models for each line, which greatly improves the public travel conditions for residents. It provides strong support for the construction of Guangzhou's public transportation city and a powerful transportation country.Forge ahead in the new journey of 2021 and stride towards the "14th Five-Year Plan", Ankai Bus will surely fulfill the mission of the times with practical actions, create more new energy bus products integrating green environmental protection, safety and comfort, and high efficiency and energy saving, and continuously improve the masses The sense of gain, happiness and security of travel continues to promote the high-quality development of China's transportation industry.

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