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Ankai New Energy Buses roll into Hainan


As the first province in China to propose a timetable for “the city ban on the sale of fuel vehicles in 2030,” the promotion of new energy vehicles in Hainan Province has been sped up again. In recent years, Hainan Province has continued to promote new energy vehicles, and for the past three years has issued annual plans for the promotion of clean energy vehicles in the province.

Ankai new energy buses have been entering Hainan since 2016, and over the years, the number of Ankai new energy buses in Hainan has continued to rise, becoming a powerful player in green public transport in Hainan. In 2016, Haikou put 150 Ankai pure electric buses into operation for the first time, setting a record for the largest batch of pure electric buses in Hainan Province at that time; in 2018, Haikou put 154 Ankai pure electric buses into operation again; in 2019, The first pure electric double-decker bus sightseeing route in Hainan Province, consisting of 15 Ankai pure electric double-decker buses, was officially put into operation, bringing passengers a unique island sightseeing experience.

As the promotion of new energy buses in Haikou continues to increase, the number of Ankai's new energy buses continues to increase, accounting for more than 30% of the new energy buses in Haikou, becoming the backbone of the construction of a green public transport system in Haikou.

From the commissioning of the largest batch of pure electric buses to the opening of the first pure electric double-decker bus sightseeing route, Ankai is constantly improving the green level of Hainan's public transport with its leading strength and creating a better travel experience for passengers with its excellent products.

In addition to being the main force of green public transport in Haikou, Ankai's new energy buses can be found in Sanya, Qionghai, Chengmai, Lingshui and many other places in Hainan. From the fashionable, beautiful and technological pure electric bus G9, to the simple and classic pure electric commuter bus A6, to the pure electric double-decker sightseeing bus with acial attractiveness, Ankai buses have become a beautiful flowing scenery in the local area as they pass.

The energy change in the public transport industry has not only improved the living environment of the citizens, but also promoted the formation of a green public transport system with high efficiency, low energy consumption and low cost. According to user’s feedback, Ankai's pure electric buses are not only greatly reduce operating costs, but also significantly better than traditional buses in terms of handling, driver's vision, vehicle technical conditions, and maintenance. Therefore, the safe operation of the line is also more secure.

At present, Ankai's new energy buses have spread to all provinces and cities in China and are exported to many countries overseas. In the future, in the context of the national "double carbon" strategy and the global development of electrification, Ankai will continue to rely on the existing national enterprise technology centre and the national electric bus system integration engineering technology research centre, continue to carry out research and development of new energy bus technology, with more leading technology, more excellent products to lead the green travel and help the industry's low-carbon and high-quality development.

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